Dyson Hot+Cool Review–Dyson’s heater fan comes with new technology and 75% quieter

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Dyson Hot+Cool Review (Dyson AM09) – Winter is coming here in Australia but we pretty much have felt it already here in Melbourne, thanks to the chilly wind. The original Dyson Hot has served me well over the years – both in Winter and Summer (despite of the name, the Dyson Hot is both a heater and fan in one).

The updated model, named Dyson Hot+Cool (a better naming actually, as it highlights the fan feature bit), now comes with Dyson’s new Jet Focus technology and a quieter machine (75% quieter than the previous model).

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Dyson’s new Jet Focus technology offers a personal and room heating/cooling option (Personal and Diffuse mode). With just the press of a button, you can switch between these 2 modes anytime.

Dyson Jet Focus technology

The personal mode will channel the hot/cool air onto a narrower cone, directed towards you [or any other subject you point it to]. This is a great option when you’d like a boost of hot air towards you on a really cold night or morning. I do this pretty often after waking up on a cold morning; simply standing (or sitting) exactly in front of a heater and having a hot air blown straight onto me. It feels good and the Dyson Hot+Cool with Jet Focus technology makes the, ahem, “experience” even better because the airflow is constant and I don’t even need to be close to the unit to feel it.

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If you are more interested in having the room heated, the Diffuse mode will help out to even the hot air into the room quickly and more subtly.

Thanks to the intelligent thermostat inside the Dyson Hot+Cool, a room temperature can be set and the unit will automatically try to maintain the set temperature. Unlike most conventional heaters, your room will stay warm to a level that you’re comfortable with.

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Dyson Hot & Cool will automatically turn itself off and on to maintain the set room temperature. This may not sound much, but it will also save some energy and electrical bills to your household.

As a result, however, those who are really sensitive with sound when they sleep may not like the Dyson Hot & Cool much. Though the new model is now 75% quieter than before according to Dyson, it still makes a noise and you’ll notice it when it goes to sleep and awake alternately. This never bothers or distracts me in my own experience, but I can sleep even with noise around and the lights on. So it’s something that you need to think about.

Apart from turning the Hot+Cool on and off directly on the unit, all other operations need to be done on the remote. Like the other Dyson Air Multiplier products, the remote can be placed on top of the unit, which will be held still magnetically.

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With the remote, you can turn the power on and off, change the fan level, change the modes (Personal or Diffuse), enable/disable oscillation, and set a sleep timer. If you only want to feel comfortable enough to go to bed, you can set the timer from 15 minutes to 1 hour, say. Or if you prefer to have the Dyson Hot+Cool on the whole night, you can too (the sleep timer can be set to 9 hours). There is also a “Switch to fan” button on the remote control. Unlike the older model where you need to turn the temperature all the way down until it switches to fan mode, you can do this instantly on the new model. It’s the one remote that does it all, so make sure you don’t lose the remote! I personally miss having the oscillation button on the unit itself.

Take the new Jet Focus feature and the incremental upgrades out, and you’ll have a great looking heater and fan in one. Like all the Air Multiplier variant, the Dyson Hot+Cool looks grand and will make any room it’s on to stand out from the others. It’s also one of the safest heaters out there, because there are no hot rods to be seen, no burning smell, and no overly-heated room, thanks to the built-in temperature control.

Dyson Hot+Cool Review Conclusion

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Dyson does it again with the new Dyson Hot+Cool which offers an all new Jet Focus technology and incremental upgrades from the 3-years-old model. It comes with all the things we love from the Air Multiplier variants, such as the safety mechanisms, cool technology, and a standout design.

Apart from the machine being quieter though, you should keep your old Dyson Hot around. Sure, the Jet Focus technology is cool and all, but there are probably not enough reasons to some to upgrade from the older model. Of course, unless you love the Dyson Hot so much and you have the money to shell the upgrade, then sure, why not?

Disclosure: Sample was sponsored by Dyson Australia but all opinions are 100% mine


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