Samsung Portable SSD T1, made for the stylish professionals

Samsung Portable SSD T1

Samsung Portable SSD T1 – Samsung’s latest SSD (Solid State Drive) features portability and a stylish design. It’s made for those who like to carry their data around (it only weighs 30 grams), but would not want to compromise on design, speed, and security.

Samsung SSD T1 has read/write speeds of up to 450MB/s and also secured with the AES 256 bit encryption to avoid prying eyes into the contents within. Most portable SSD in the market is simply just an SSD with enclosure included, but Samsung doesn’t just want it to be like that. They’ve made something better and more personalised.

With the secure AES 256 bit encryption, any confidential files (documents, media, etc) can be carried around safely. Its fast read/write speed means you can process big media files quicker than a traditional external HDD (Hard Disk Drive). This allows you to work on your files effectively with different computers as you can simply plug the T1 into a laptop or desktop via the USB. If speed and security is of your concern, you should ditch that old external hard drive and grab yourself a T1.

Samsung T1 speed

Samsung SSD T1 has also won a few CES Innovation Awards, a feat that shouldn’t be treated lightly. It has a 3-year warranty and comes in different capacities: 250GB (RRP $269), 500GB (RRP $429), and 1TB (RRP $799). Samsung Portable SSD T1 is available now at Harvey Norman and resellers.

Note: Images courtesy of Samsung


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