Samsung Galaxy S24 Drop Tests and Here are the Results

Following the recent launch of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Allstate Protection Plans conducted rigorous Breakability drop tests, uncovering unexpected vulnerabilities in the new smartphones. Despite Samsung’s claims of enhanced durability and cutting-edge materials, the study highlights the susceptibility of the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra to human errors and accidental drops.

And of course, we shouldn’t be surprised with this.

Here are the Key Findings from the Samsung Galaxy S24 drop tests.

  1. Front-down Drop Tests:
    • The base model S24 shattered on its first front-down drop from six feet, rendering the display non-functional.
    • The S24+ suffered severe damage along its left side, including loose and missing glass, after one front-down drop.
    • The S24 Ultra, despite its upgraded cover material and titanium frame, shattered across the top of its screen after one drop.
  2. Back-down Drop Test:
    • The S24 base model cracked across the top and bottom of its back panel on the first back-down drop.
    • The S24+ completely shattered across its back panel, including damage to its camera lenses, after one drop.
    • The S24 Ultra also shattered across its back panel, with the most severe damage in its lower left corner.
  3. User Behavior Impact:
    • Damaged screens, a common form of smartphone damage, cost American smartphone owners $8.3 billion in repair and replacement costs last year.
    • In a survey by Allstate Protection Plans, 89% of smartphone users reported sometimes using devices one-handed, with 78% admitting to dropping their devices in such situations.

Jason Siciliano, Vice President of Marketing and Global Creative Director at Allstate Protection Plans, emphasised the increased risk of accidental drops due to multitasking and one-handed usage. Despite the advanced AI features and a gorgeous AMOLED screen on the S24 Ultra, the study recommends users protect their devices with cases and screen protectors, especially considering the starting price of $1,299 for the new flagship model.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Drop Test Video

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