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Dyson Hot - Dyson Heater

Dyson Hot – Loving your Dyson Air Multiplier (the Dyson fan)? I still do, during Spring, and especially Summer. In Autumn and Winter though, my Dyson Air Multiplier sits idly and collects dust (though thankfully, it’s easy to clean it all up with a cloth). Well, no more – welcome, Dyson Hot.

Dyson Hot is the latest product from Dyson (announced last night) which is a fan heater by using the Air Multiplier technology and more. Of course, it’s Dyson’s, so they don’t just copy, they innovate.

Dyson Hot Fan Heater

The Dyson Hot fan heater uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify air that goes into the tiny holes on the body of the heater fan by six times. The result, heating your room up is much quicker and the heat is also distributed nicely across the room, compared to a conventional heater. In short, Dyson Hot is much more effective.

Dyson Hot heat room

Dyson Hot Technical Specifications

  • Heat projection using Air Multiplier technology
  • Fully variable speed settings
  • Has oscillation control
  • 10? of touch tilt either way
  • Temperature settings of 0? -37? C
  • Dyson Hot dimensions: 547 (H) x 152 (D) 356 (W) mm
  • LED digital display
  • Available in Iron or Blue color
  • PTC ceramic heater technology
  • 1.8 metres cord length

Also, just like the Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan:

  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s safer
  • You can tilt it

There is another twist though: Dyson Hot also includes a thermostat control (and a remote)! You select the temperature you want your room to be (in degrees) and the Dyson Hot will automatically stop after it detects the set room temperature.

Dyson Hot - temperature

Check out the Dyson Hot video demonstration below by the man himself:

It’s still unclear about the pricing or when it’s going to be released (I heard Australians won’t be getting it until next year, which makes sense because we are entering the Summer season soon). I might be receiving a sample to be reviewed as well but still waiting for confirmation. Meanwhile, feel free to check out Dyson Hot features and more videos on the official product page. Will you be getting the Dyson Hot?

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