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Charge any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) simultaneously with this "One cable to rule them all"

4 in 1 cable-1

This 4-in-1 charge and sync cable eliminates all the mumbles and complaints we’ve been hearing these days.

As a gadget reviewer, managing cables has been included in my to-do list (not to mention figuring out which gadget does an adapter belong to).

Android devices, Windows Phone, Bluetooth headsets, portable speakers, and others often use the same microUSB cable, which is great, because you can just use one microUSB for everything.

However, my iPad 3 (and the old iPod Nano 4th gen) is still using the old Apple’s 30-pin cable where as my iPhone 5 is already on Lightning. Thus, carrying different cables gets messier and messier.

Carrying a portable charger often requires the need to carry separate cables to charge different devices too. At least, not until this magic data cable from MobileZap comes along. This 4-in-1 Charge and Sync cable includes the Apple Lightning, Apple 30 pin, Samsung GALAXY Tab, and Micro USB  connectors, meaning you can plug these into your different devices simultaneously.

4 in 1 cable-24 in 1 cable-3

Okay, so why do I keep on mentioning “4” in 1 where in fact you are only seeing 3 cable connectors on my product photos? That’s because the Apple’s 30-pin connector can also be used to connect to a Samsung GALAXY Tab by flipping it over. I don’t have one myself so unfortunately I can’t give this a try.

The cable is quite short, which is perfect for travellers with portable battery chargers or when you are staying in a hotel with scarce supplies of spare USB slots to plug into. On the other hand, however, this means you may need to place your devices side by side due to the length of the connectors.

4 in 1 cable-5

As advertised, I could simultaneously charge my iPad 3, iPhone 5, and HTC One through the cable (plugged into a USB power board).

4 in 1 cable-4

Tested on the Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation, the portable battery was struggling to charge the 3 devices simultaneously (probably due to the small size battery pack). It could charge both of my iPhone 5 and HTC One comfortably, however.

4 in 1 cable-7

One charging cable to rule them all!

Disclosure: The 4-in-1 Charge and Sync cable review sample was provided for the review

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