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November 2010 Traffic and Income Statistics

Last month was the first time Craving Tech broke a traffic record of 100k! Wish I could throw in a party or two, though. Craving...
2011 traffic statistics

Craving Tech in a year – 2011

I know that there are monthly traffic statistics already but I'm sure you don't mind to read this overview stat based on the previous...

September 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

It's probably the best month that this blog has ever had (traffic and recognition wise); 42,413 unique visitors with 56,191 pageviews, chosen as one...
August 2011 traffic statistics

August 2011 Traffic & Income Statistics

  Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for August 2011: 117,001 unique visitors and 149,166 page views, compared to July 2011 with 109,654 unique visitors and...
May 2012 traffic

May 2012 Traffic Statistics

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for May 2012: 112,790 visitors and 141,943 page views. Traffic details: Search Traffic: 92,994 visitors. Referral Traffic: 11,605 visitors. Direct Traffic: 8,127 visitors. Other:...

October 2008 Traffic & Income Statistics

My blog's October 2008 statistics: 61,132 visits, 107,620 pageviews. Referring Sites - 43,590 visits Search Engines - 11,433 visits Direct Traffic - 6097 visits Other - 12 visits Referring...