December 2011 Traffic & Income Statistics

December 2011 stats

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for December 2011:  150,363 unique visitors and 194,213 page views , compared to November 2011 with 138,951 unique visitors and 179,192 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Traffic: 134, 043 visitors.
  • Referral Traffic: 7,356 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 8,885 visitors.
  • Other: 79 visitors.

December 2011 Traffic Sources Breakdown

Traffic sources december 2011

Total Newsletter subscribers: 303, from 287 on the month before.
Facebook fans: 1,710, compared to 1,679 on the month before.

Steady progress for Craving Tech and the traffic of 150,000 a month is back to normal. Definitely looking forward for even better traffic in 2012!

Money made online in December 2011 breakdown

  • Google AdSense: USD 507.53
  • Amazon Affiliates: USD 649.45
  • Affiliate Sales: USD 50
  • Nuffnang: USD 287
  • Sponsored Posts (Unruly Media, SocialSpark, etc): USD 240

Total income made online in December 2011: USD 1,733.98

As expected, the income from Amazon affiliates was doubled than the usual, thanks to the holiday season! Lots of people came here from the search engines to find product reviews around Christmas as they were trying to find something to buy for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, I need to go back from the holiday mood and finish my reviews….

So how was your income last month?

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