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2011 traffic statistics

I know that there are monthly traffic statistics already but I’m sure you don’t mind to read this overview stat based on the previous year. I think it’s enjoyable and interesting to read both the overview and the specific bits.

So without further ado, here is Craving Tech’s traffic and growth overview in the year 2011 – and yeah, happy belated new year once again.

Craving Tech overall traffic statistics for the year 2011: 1,318,668 Visits (1,204,938 Unique Visitors and 1,711,350 Pageviews). Over a million visitor last year, I’m fine with that!

Breaking it down:

  • 78.67% comes from Search Traffic (1,037,364 Visits)
  • 12.42% comes from Referral Traffic (163,741 Visits)
  • 8.86% comes from Direct Traffic (116,825 Visits)
  • 0.06% comes from Campaigns (738 Visits) – does anyone know what this actually is? I never remember setting up any campaigns

Loving the search engines traffic for income purposes but this year might be a good time to work on the referring traffic? As much as I love search engines traffic, people don’t stay too long on my blog (especially if they are only looking for specific information, which often happens). Though I’m aware some of you stay and have been loyal followers of this blog even when you came from the search engines at first. Please say Hi in the comment form, don’t be shy :)

2010 vs 2011 Traffic Statistics

2011 vs 2010 traffic statistics

Notice the April-May traffic drop on the chart? That was when this blog was first got hit by Google Panda algorithm. Thankfully, traffic recovered quickly after I did some internal SEO work with the help of a plug-in (Read How to recover from Google Panda).

As for comparisons in numbers (from 2010 to 2011):

  • Total Visits increased from 837,340 to 1,318,668.
  • Unique Visitors increased from 766,239 to 1,204,938.
  • Pageviews increased from 1,031,716 to 1,711,350.

Recognition wise, Craving Tech has had good relationships with the technology industry, by presenting technology news and also the latest products being reviewed for you. At the moment, Craving Tech is still basically a “one man show” but I’m definitely looking forward to have a team of editors (real ones, not article marketers looking for free links), reviewers, or more when that time comes. There are definitely more interesting products to review this year (at least I’ve already got some hints from Breville, Dyson, and a few other brands :)). So stay subscribed to this blog for more cool stuffs to hear and know about!

As traffic is steadily improving, there might be a need for me to move from a shared hosting to a dedicated some time this year as well (we’ll see how it goes). At the moment, Craving Tech is still on a shared hosting at HostGator but the speed is still blazing fast (or so I claim).

Looking forward to share and get in touch with you all this year. It’s going to be a great year ahead! Should you have any feedback or suggestions, have your say in the comment form below.

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