Goodbye Google Panda, I’m a sad Panda no more!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the ways for bloggers or webmasters to get visitors (yeah, yeah, we all know that). But honestly, I have read quite a dozen of articles explaining why SEO is important, plenty of search engine optimization tips, and a few others. The truth is, I never actually looked into it seriously because I always complaint “I don’t have the time for this!”.

As a result, installing the Platinum SEO (similar to All-in-One SEO) WordPress plug-in was the only thing I did and I rarely utilize it. After Google Panda (the latest Google search engine algorithm update) hit my blog at Craving Tech, I blamed Google for penalizing my site and took some drastic actions including de-indexing a hundred of my posts from Google search engine in desperation.

After Google Panda hit this blog in April 2011, I have become a sad Panda for the next few months. Traffic went down from around 3,500 unique visitors a day into 1,800-2,000 a day as you may have known. Income went down as a result too.

Google Panda hit

After trying some things to recover from Google Panda without any results, I changed my perspective. Maybe Google does not penalize my blog. Maybe it’s because other blogs/sites have good search engine optimizations put in place that made their posts to be ranked higher than Craving Tech.

I took the next step and bought an SEO WordPress plug-in called ClickBump SEO, developed and maintained by Scott Blanchard. I was actually looking at Scribe SEO (which helps you to get backlinks too) but I didn’t want to commit to a monthly payment just yet. ClickBump SEO has fewer features than Scribe SEO but you only have to pay for it once. I also picked ClickBump SEO and not SEOpressor because of the extra features ClickBump SEO has.

In the end, ClickBump SEO plug-in helped me to get back on my feet and this blog has now been getting around 3,500-4,000 unique visitors a day, even better than before!

ClickBump SEO

ClickBump SEO Review – how it can help bloggers to apply some search engine optimizations (SEO) easily

ClickBump SEO is a WordPress plug-in that sits on the post editing screen (located on the sidebar to the right).


It helps you by analyzing a post and gives it an SEO score. These are of course basic SEO tips such as having a good amount of keywords you are trying to promote (keywords density), keywords positioning in the post, and a few other search engine optimizations.

keyword density

You may have thought – “What’s the good in that? I know them all”. If you are already an expert and things are going well for you, that’s good. But there are some of us (like me) who may not have the time to really analyze and optimize our posts. ClickBump SEO plug-in helps you to optimize your post in an easier and intuitive way. It also gives you top ranked keywords recommendation based on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) so you can get those extra keywords in your post:

ClickBump SEO LSI

I tried to optimize 6-10 of my posts (the ones who got good hits on the search engines) using ClickBump SEO after I bought it. I was quite surprised seeing how low my SEO scores were (mostly ranged from 10-50%, a solid proof how lazy I was in the old days). With ClickBump SEO, I bumped those 6-10 posts’ SEO score to 90-100%. The result? My traffic spiked after Google re-indexed my posts within a few days (see the Google Analytics graph again above).

SEO post

Excited like a little kid who just found a new toy, I re-optimized some of my posts for SEO – since it has become so much easier with ClickBump SEO and waiting for Google to update the score/re-rank. Some of them got good spikes of traffic too such as this one post here:

Post update

Now of course, I don’t want to say that optimizing your posts WILL guarantee you to have this wonderful spike of traffic. You still have to work on the other areas such as backlinking (having a good solid link to your blog/site from others), etc. Nevertheless, optimizing your posts is a must and probably the most basic thing to do! And thanks to ClickBump SEO plug-in, it gets easier and feels like playing a tweak-game to get that 100% score!

At the moment this post was written, the price for ClickBump SEO is $47 for limited time only (it’ll be $97) so it’s a good time to make that investment! Seriously, $47 for getting better & consistent traffic is not really that much. More traffic = more income, easy. With the extra 2,000 visitors a day, thanks to ClickBump SEO, I have already racked up so much more than $47 in a week.

To get more info about ClickBump SEO, visit ClickBump SEO product page (yes, it’s an affiliate link but I’m happy to disclose this because I’m really happy with the product and not trying to trick you to get money :)).

Scott also promises to give you a 30-day money back guarantee if his product hasn’t made a difference to your traffic. I took his word and bought it. It was money well spent!

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