Top 7 tips to drive relevant traffic to the targeted landing pages

Note: This is a guest post by Fausto Daniel

You must have heard about conversion rates and landing page optimization. If you are doing digital marketing, then it is important that you drive traffic to these pages because online businesses depend largely on how you can maximize their conversion rate. It is known that there are various techniques to make this happen but today as a leading SEO Company India, we are talking about the tips which will help.

1.    Always talk to Your Audience from Their Perspective

The biggest mistake is to discuss the product or service from your point of view. You must have a list of questions that consumers ask when they visit your website or landing page and start answering them with ease. If you have a video, then don’t forget to mention this in the script so that the consumers are aware of it.

In addition, allow your audience to know about your business culture. People who opt for products online want to understand the company before they actually buy something from it. When you give them an insight into what is happening behind the scenes, then only will your page have a chance of being visited by more people. For example, if you are selling clothing, then you can share about your team or their life in general.

2.    Go for Single-Message Focus

There are times when landing pages speak about various products or services in one go and that makes them look crowded. You need to know that there is no place for ambiguity when it comes to this kind of marketing strategy. It is recommended that each product or service should have its own landing page so that people can easily access it. If you have more than four products or services, then consider splitting them into categories with individual branding so that users can quickly get what they want.

In addition, before you start working on an online marketing strategy, make sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations. It is necessary to identify what works and what doesn’t because every campaign cannot give fruitful results for your business growth. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Hubspot to keep tabs on things but whatever you decide must be implemented in a proper manner.

3.    Use Search Advertising:

You can use search advertising to make the best of your investment. If you are using Google Adwords, then it is important that you start promoting URLs. It will give more information on how people are looking for services or products and help you understand the market better than ever before.

Paid campaigns help you drive relevant traffic to your website but you must choose the keywords carefully. While it is important to pay attention to popular keywords, you must never ignore local searches because more than half of the people who visit your page are looking for services in their neighborhood.

If you want to know how your advertising strategy works, then focus on pixel tracking. There are different types of pixels that track everything from conversions to campaigns and even downloads on websites or landing pages. You can use this information to identify variables that need reduction so that revenue increases without compromising on brand value.

4.    Go for quality guest posts:

When you are working on landing page optimization, then more often than not people overlook the power of guest posts. If your internet marketing strategy is not including it in some way, then know that this approach will help bring high-quality traffic to your page.

Apart from this, most bloggers who accept guest posting offers do so because they want to increase their brand visibility and improve their site’s search engine rankings. It is recommended that you start writing for small websites or blogs even if they are new because that way you can get valuable links that will drive relevant traffic to your website later on. Additionally, you can opt for a SEO packages when you can get guest posts under it.

5.    Keep an eye out on competitors:

It is natural for people to visit competitor sites when they visit yours but there are times when this number increases exponentially. In fact, a large number of users may not return to your page in the future because they found what they were looking for on a different site.

In order to keep this from happening, you need to stay active across social media sites and regularly update blogs or landing pages with new information. If someone has visited your website before, then there is a chance that they will visit it again if the content becomes appealing enough even when it is available somewhere else.

In addition, you can analyze visitor behavior so that changes can be made accordingly. For instance, if someone has stayed on the page for over two minutes without any action being taken by them, then there is a high probability that your lead generation effort needs improvement.

6.    Launch email newsletter:

There is a high chance that people who have recently visited your website or landing page may want to know more about the latest news and new updates. Therefore, a newsletter is a great way of connecting with your customer base because it provides relevant information on time.

In addition, an email list can be used for launching promotions on special occasions without giving away the whole store. In fact, you will get detailed insights into what your customers actually want so that future decisions on marketing strategies can be made accordingly.

7.    Show positive testimonials:

People expect to see positive reviews and testimonials about a service or product before they approach a page. It is therefore necessary that you focus on the positive aspects of your business in order to connect with customers in a deeper way than ever before.

In addition, it also helps if you use tools like YouTube, Vimeo, or SlideShare for sharing videos and images from your site’s past events. This type of content can be used to get better search engine rankings while helping people understand what makes your product unique from others available in the market.

Wrapping up!

Follow the above steps to understand what works and what does not. Besides, it is one thing to optimize landing pages to help improve conversions but another to keep track of optimization efforts to help your business grow. Experiment with the above tips to drive more traction.

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