Buy an NVIDIA card, get Batman Arkham City for FREE deal

Batman Arkham City

Want to get Batman: Arkham City for FREE? Batman: Arkham City is the upcoming sequel of Batman: Arkham Asylum, a great game I played last year and totally recommended to get and play. The upcoming Batman: Arkham City is even better, from the previews and trailers I’ve seen these past weeks. If you are interested in getting the game, why not upgrade your graphics card as well while you are at it?

Amazon is having a great NVIDIA & Batman: Arkham City deal – buy a new card and you’ll get the game for free.

NVIDIA & Batman: Arkham City free deal

Choose one of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards as part of the Amazon NVIDIA & Batman: Arkham City Free deal and after you have completed the purchase at Amazon, the Batman: Arkham City download code will be sent to your email address within 7-10 business days. The game can then be downloaded when it is launched on October 18, 2011.

The NVIDIA cards available are quite varied, from GTX 560, GTX 570, GTX 580, to the GTX 590. I’m pretty sure my NVIDIA GTX 460 can handle Batman: Arkham City quite well but if you still have an older card, this might be the perfect time to upgrade.

NVIDIA cards

Batman: Arkham City Videos

Will you be taking this deal? I’m definitely going to get Batman Arkham City but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t ship electronics to Australia, sigh. Well, not that I plan to upgrade my card again anytime soon, anyway.

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