Blizzard has just added a new Hero Class in Hearthstone

Some of us thought that the Demon Hunter would be the final and last class being added in Hearthstone but Blizzard has a new surprise. In the next Heartstone’s upcoming expansion on December 7 AEDT, a new Hero class is being added: the Death Knight. According to the Hearthstone team during our media interviews (Cora Georgiou, Senior Game Designer and Leo Robles Gonzales, Game Designer), the Death Knight is the most complex Hero class they’ve ever designed.

This will certainly be rewarding to those who can understand and utilise his mechanics, but they also made sure that the new class is still friendly to new players who want to give him a try.

This complexity is due to the mechanics and playstyle he has, especially with the use of Runes:

  • Blood – for control gameplay with health manipulation
  • Frost – for direct damage with icy spells
  • Unholy – for swarm of minions across the board

He also has a new resource, Corpses which he’ll get every time a friendly minion dies. The hero power, Ghoul Charge, will summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge that dies at the end of the turn. The Death Knight will have 68 new class cards in the expansion, including 32 free Core set cards.

The new expansion, named the March of the Lich King – which is a fitting name for the launch of the Death Knight hero class, will launch with 145 new cards in total. So if you still want to play with your current Hero class, you’ll also get some new exciting cards to add into your deck.

There are also a new minion type, Undead (with hundreds of minions from previous expansions updated to include Undead minion type) and a new keyword, Manathirst (cards will have additional powers when you have enough mana crystals to trigger the effect).

Visit the official announcement page for more details on some of the new cards, plus an exciting Hearthstone March of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer!

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