Bing now searches for Movie session times!

Bing search movie session times

According to the press release I got a few days ago, Bing now shows movie session times within the Bing’s search results in Australia. When I tried typing “Toy Story 3” in the Bing’s search field, I could actually see the movie session times being displayed on the top of the search results (screenshot above). Pretty nifty! This way you don’t need to go to different websites to check for the session times separately!

Official press release below:

Sydney, 6 August 2010, – ninemsn today announced details of its most recent Bing feature to launch in Australia that will show movie session times as an ‘instant answer’ within the search engine – Local Movie Showtimes Instant Answer.

Launching on Bing in Australia this weekend, Bing’s Showtimes Instant Answer will use data from its local entertainment listings partner, HWW, to provide the session times for popular movies after a simple search is made for the movie title, genre or movie theatre.

Instant Answers are a feature of Bing which provide exactly that – a search on ‘weather’ for example, displays local weather forecasts directly in the Bing results page. The same is true for phone numbers of searched for businesses and even photos, videos and tweets of searched for celebrities.

Bing Showtimes Instant Answer delivers movie session times information for over 350 cinemas across Australia, and uses the searcher’s geographic location to ensure the most relevant and accurate information is displayed.

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