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Jar Jar BinksMicrosoft has renamed its upcoming new search engine called Kumo into Bing. I personally like the sound of Kumo better than Bing (It’s unclear where that name was coming from – probably from the StarWars’ Jar Jar Binks character? :D I think it’s taken from the sound effect when something that you are looking for is found, but this is just a guess). If you know what it is, please share it with us here.

I thought that this will be just another Google/Microsoft Live search clone but apparently I’m mistaken (as you can see from the video below) my post.

microsoft bing

Bing itself is not out yet but you can check out what it does and how Bing is different from Google (and Wolfram Alpha) from the promo video here.

A video on Bing’s features:

If it really works just as what the video shows then we’ll have another search engine winner. Bing, Wolfram Alpha, and Google can all be used for different purposes and each of them has their own strength, depending on what information you are looking at. I’ll do another post on Bing once it’s out. Can’t wait to play around with this new ‘toy’ :)

I’m still wondering though whether Microsoft will ever change the branding name to something else..

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