Happy 15th Birthday, Hotmail!

Happy birthday Hotmail

Happy 15th Birthday, Hotmail – I was a bit surprised when someone rang my door bell this morning and a guy said there was a package for me. I’m not expecting anything so I was wondering what it was. I was surprised when I saw the package – it’s wrapped in a semi transparent package with some cute-looking cookie/cake thingies. I’m sure the courier guy must have been wondering what it was too!

It’s a lovely gift from ninemsn (through One Green Bean) as Hotmail is celebrating its 15th Birthday, so thanks, ninemsn. It comes with a 4 GB USB flash drive too with a video and other press materials. I haven’t eaten the cookies/cakes yet as they are just too cute to be eaten :(

Hotmail was  born back in 1996 and I still remembered when I first signed up for it in my uni’s library (here at University of Melbourne). Emailing was still kind of new and I remember how excited I was back then. I used to write some letters to my high school friends overseas before Hotmail was born (remember the good old days?). Honestly, I couldn’t remember how it was back then (except for the blue background that was quite catchy).

The Hotmail logo has actually been evolving throughout the decade (and also the branding name):

Hotmail logo

According to the Hotmail’s birthday video that I got inside the USB flash drive, there are around 8 million Hotmail users in Australia at the moment (meaning 1 in 3 Australian has a Hotmail account)! With all the other free email services around the net, I’m glad Hotmail is still one of the most popular services used.

Windows Live Hotmail

Other interesting facts about Hotmail:

  • 5 billion emails sent globally via Hotmail everyday
  • 350 million documents shared on Hotmail each month
  • 6.5 million photo emails sent via Hotmail per month
  • Over 1.3 billion inboxes hosted

Hotmail was also the first to over anti-virus scanning in attachments, calendar, built-in reading pane, spell checker, and inbox search. Nowadays, every online email service has these features and they have become the industry standard. So, way to go, Hotmail and Happy birthday, once again :)

Anyone wanna share a part of the cake?

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