How to insert the post title in a Feedburner email subject field

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If you’ve already subscribed to my email feed (or other site’s email feed), you’d normally see the same annoying email subject on every new post delivered to your email inbox. Normally it would show my blog’s name on every email you received. Well, no more! Starting from today, you’ll see the post title on the email subjects, allowing you to save and quickly identify your favorite posts from my blog.

If you are a blogger, you might want to keep reading this post as I’ll guide you on how to insert post title in a Feedburner email subject.

How to insert post title in a Feedburner email subject

  1. Go to your own Feed at Google’s Feedburner.
  2. Go to the Publicize tab on the top.
    rss feedburner email options
  3. Go to Email Subscriptions from the left menu.
    feedburner custom email subject
  4. You’ll see an “Email Branding” option on the expanded Email Subscriptions menu. Click on it.
  5. Have a read on how to insert a custom email subject on the Feedburner email page. Follow the instructions or you can also copy mine from the screenshot below (I use a “Post title – My Blog’s title” but feel free to use whatever you prefer).Previously, you can only put a static text on the email subject, which was quite lame.
    where to insert post title in Feedburner email feed

    Now, you can put the post title dynamically on the Feedburner email subject!

    how to insert post title in Feedburner email feed
    There is also a new option to display a different subject if the email feed has more than 1 email available on the feed. Nifty!

  6. Save and preview your new settings!
    RSS Feedburner email preview

Kudos to Google Feedburner dev team to make this into a reality. It’s long overdue but it’s always never too late to change!

Want a test drive? Why don’t you try subscribing to my blog through your email inbox and see this example live? (and yeah, it’s an incentive for you to subscribe to my blog :)).

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