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windows 7 upgradeWindows 7 is just around the corner (slated to be launced on 22nd October 2009 this year) and there are many Windows users who want to know how much to upgrade to Windows 7. There are two Windows 7 Upgrade options here, for those who are planning to buy a new PC and for those who simply want to upgrade their current Windows to Windows 7 on their current PC.

The Windows 7 Upgrade option, offered by Microsoft, will run until 31 January 2010 and people can redeem the offer until the end of February 2010. This is valid for customers who purchase a new computer with Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate installed from 26 June 2009 will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for free (you may have to pay for the shipping cost of the CD) when it’s released.

Or if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 on your current PC, Amazon has a 50% discount offer for Windows 7 Upgrade pre-orders!

Windows 7 Upgrade Option for new PCs

For example here are some of the manufacturers’ offers:

So if you are thinking to buy a new PC, make sure that you check the in-store stickers to find out whether the model is eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7 or check the Windows 7 Upgrade official page.

Windows 7 Upgrade Discount Offer from Amazon

If you simply want to buy a Windows 7 Upgrade for your current PC, then disregard the paragraphs above and pre-order Windows 7 Upgrade from Amazon. You can even get a 50% discount or more! This offer is very popular and will be available until stocks last, so you better hurry if you want to get a cheap Windows 7 Upgrade license! If you are still using Windows XP, I’d highly recommend upgrading to Windows 7. If you are on Windows Vista, the choice is yours but to me, Windows Vista is like Windows 95 and Windows 7 is the Windows 98 Second Edition back then.

windows 7 upgrade offer

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