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bestwpdesignawardDo you design your blog’s theme yourself? Do you heavily modify a free WordPress theme on your blog? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, then you are eligible to be nominated to the Best WordPress Design Award by WPWebHost.

There are different categories that you can join and the winner of each category will get $200 via PayPal. Even if you don’t win, your site might get some recognition and who knows, new readers.

I was contacted by Foress from WPWebHost to join the contest, so I decided to. Although I didn’t design this theme myself (it’s a premium theme called Arthemia Premium), I did a few minor modifications to it. Although there are so many great themes out there, it doesn’t hurt to join.

I decided to enter this blog in the Best Modern & Elegant Design. Somehow I think I’m not gonna win (there are just so many great designers out there with their own custom themes), but it all depends on the voters, so hopefully I can see some of you voting for this blog especially if you love this blog :)

The categories are:

  • Best Modern & Elegant
  • Best Hand-Drawing Style
  • Best Grunge
  • Best Retro & Vintage
  • Best Clean & Minimalist

best modern wordpress theme best hand drawing wordpress theme best wordpress grunge theme best retro wordpress theme best clean and minimalist wordpress theme

If you want to join, then head off to the Best WordPress Design Award page.

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