Best Wireless Earbuds to buy right now

Note: This is a guest post by Jeeva Shanmugam

In the present scenario, the demand for the best wireless earbuds is rocket high starting from online classes, webinars, listening to music, and watching movies, wireless earbuds became our daily driver in making things done.

The trend started with the launch of Apple AirPods and other fellow manufacturers and competitors started to adopt it, today the number goes in millions who are fond of wireless earbuds.

There are 100s of wireless earbuds out there, and not all of them value for money. If you are looking for the high-end best wireless earbuds, then follow the further content.

I’m gonna list the top wireless earbuds that have been launched to date. If you are looking for the best, most suitable wireless earbuds that fit all your requirements you may acquire them by reading this article.

Alright, let’s dive right in.

1/5 – Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung’s newly launched buds, the all-new Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is great if you are looking for the latest wireless buds with a packed-in feature, indeed the galaxy buds 2 pro offer you water and sweat-safe, including an IPX7 certification.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro conveys fair Active Noise Cancellation well, not the best overall but it is good at its cost.

On the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, you get access to the touch controls and you can change the volume utilizing the headphone tips, regardless of whether you have other touchpad orders set up.

Overall, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is a phenomenal expansion to experience an immersive sound, offering an appealing design, Active Noise Cancellation, and bunches of additional items, including high-loyalty sound help for those on Samsung devices, which are top-notch features.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is available for A$349 in Australia.

2/5 – Sony WF-1000XM4

Overall the best wireless earbuds to buy right now, Sony is well known for its electronics products, the company has a great reputation for electronics items, and I hope the WF-1000XM4 reached that mark.

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds and money is not a big deal, then you can go with the Sony WF-1000XM4, it has features like,

  • Advanced Active Noise Canceling with Integrated Processor V1.
  • Sound quality with High-Resolution Audio Wireless.
  • Shrewd tuning in and clear call quality.
  • Ergonomic surface plan for a stable fit.
  • Water safe and long battery duration for regular use.

I’m a lover of Sony’s Active Noise Cancellation, it is the best I have ever used, and the voice is clear and makes it stand out from other brands. It has an IPX4 water certification so you can play with it while you take a cold shower or even hot.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 is available for A$389 in Australia

3/5 – Beats Fit Pro

If you are looking for wireless earbuds similar to Apple Airpods then Beats Fit Pro suits you, it’s not Airpods but both products are manufactured on the same platform, you get most of the Apple AirPods features.

The wireless earbuds are also called sports buds just because of their lightweight and sturdy look, one of the earbuds’ highlighted features is that you get the same audio quality on both platforms.

Whether you use it for Android or for iPhone you don’t compromise the quality and punchiness of the sound, it has excellent bass, Beats Fit Pro effectively associates with both platforms by means of Bluetooth straight out of the box. With the Beats application for Android and iPhone, you’ll get upgraded features like one-contact matching, redid controls, battery levels, firmware refreshes, and a Fit Test to assist you with getting the best solid and fit out of your wireless earbuds.

Beats Fit Pro earbuds are sweat and water-resistant. If the buds of your wireless earbuds come into contact with fluid, including sweat from an exercise, wipe them down with a delicate, dry, build-up-free fabric.

The Beats Fit Pro available for A$299.95 in Australia

4/5 – Apple AirPods pro

Apple’s high-end wireless earbuds after AirPods Max, are the best for Apple devices if you have an iPhone and looking for the best wireless earbuds for iPhone and iPad just go for Apple AirPods, Apple is well known for its ecosystem.

To get the utmost of the AirPods Pro you need an iPhone instead of an Android, when you get an Airpods you can access the spatial audio which is insane on Apple devices.

The Apple AirPods pro’s Active Noise Cancelation is the most upgraded feature in AirPods Pro, I love its performance while I’m hanging out with my colleagues on the phone. Here is a quick control, you can contact and hold the volume slider in the Control Center on your iPhone to change various modes that Apple has provided according to your mood swings.

Apple AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant, and the wireless earbuds highlight an extended cross-section mouthpiece port that further develops call clearness in breezy circumstances.

Here are some quick settings you can play with your AirPods,

  • Long-press: Switch between ANC or Transparency mode for AirPods Pro or trigger Siri for the most recent AirPods.
  • One Squeeze: Toggle plays/stop.
  • Double Squeeze: Skip forward.
  • Triple Squeeze: Skip back.

Apple claims that your AirPods Pro can get up to 4.5 long stretches of listening time or up to 3.5 long stretches of talk time on a solitary charge. Assuming that you charge your AirPods Pro for 5 minutes for their situation, you get close to 1 hour of listening time or something like 1 hour of talk time.

The Apple AirPods Pro is available for A$399 in Australia

5/5 – Jabra Elite 3

Personally, I haven’t utilized the Jabra wireless earbuds, but a few of my friends tried it including Michael here at Craving Tech (check out his review), from their experience, being there or somewhere around at their cost. In any case, what we’re not exactly as used to is Jabra Wireless earbuds are being so forcefully estimated – the Jabra Elite 3 are the most reasonable genuine wireless earbuds the organization has at any point conveyed.

The Jabra Elite 3 highlights a multifunction touch panel on each mini earbud and a progression of taps bear the cost of a good level of control.

If you are looking for budget-oriented wireless earbuds, then the Jabra Elite 3 suits you, at the price of $100 the wireless earbuds really give a good amount of sound quality and have great build quality.

Jabra does a great job in their upcoming wireless earbuds and if you are looking for budget wireless earbuds then you can go for it. Jabra has a good amount of bass, strong adjustable sound, and 4 mics for clear approaches on the go, these buds will liberate your sound.

But there is no Active Noise Canceling in the Wireless earbuds, it’s better to give the feature than give a poor ANC and show it as a feature.

If you want the best Jabra wireless earbuds though, make sure to check out Craving Tech’s review on the Jabra Elite 85t.

The Jabra Elite 3 is available for A$119 in Australia.

These are the best wireless earbuds right now but the year is not over yet, so it’ll be exciting to see what’s next.

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