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Subtitle Software: Best 3 free software for creating video subtitles


Video subtitle software

Note: This is a guest post written by Sandrina

Subtitle Software: Best 3 free software for creating video subtitles – By adding subtitles to our movies or videos, we can make them available to larger audience, not only to those who understand the language in the video. However, creating and managing subtitles are not always easy. They need to be understandable and their timing has exactly to be matched with movie dialogs. At same time, they also have to be on the screen long enough so that viewers have enough times to read them.

We have tested multiple subtitle creation software and chosen three best ones. So here are the best free software for creating video subtitles.

Best 3 Subtitle Software for creating video subtitles

1) Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop
Subtitle Workshopt is considered by most to be the best tool for creating, editing, joining, and converting subtitles. It supports almost all possible subtitle formats. You can load your movie through the menu Movie – Open and if you have subtitles you can click on File – Load Subtitles to load the subtitles file in.

If you wish to create a new subtitle, simply click on File – New subtitle. After that, you can click on the play button and listen to the video. Click pause when you hear the voice and at the bottom corner you’ll the see exact timing of the voice. Then you can enter that exact time as the subtitle starts. Repeat this process for every subtitle.

You can enter a new subtitle by pressing the Insert key on your keyboard. There is also a highly useful preview option which you can use to check how subtitles look in the movie and then make all the necessary additional changes.

Subtitle Workshop

2) Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit
Subtitle Edit has a very friendly user interface. Click on the bottom screen as you see on the picture above to add your video. Instead of looking at the whole video, you will be presented with a track of audio waves.

After you have installed and selected part of the audio, right click on the selection and you would then be presented with the option to add text or to play part of the audio file. If you choose Add text, you will be able to add subtitle for that exact time period. Also, you can click on the play button to listen to the part of the audio.

The only difference is that you need a VLC player installed. There are also options to use Google Translate and Free Dictionary which might be very helpful if you are translating your subtitles across many languages.

Subtitle Edit

3) VisualSybSync


This tool is similar to Subtitle Edit, because it also works on the principle of audio waves. Here, you start your work by clicking on the New Project. After that, you need to import your video or subtitles if you have them. If you need to create the subtitles, leave the default option on.

Then, you will be presented with an audio wave. Click on a part of the wave, listen to it, and then add the matching subtitle. Repeat this process for every subtitle. The whole process is extremely simple and intuitive. VisualSybSync supports .srt, .ssa, .ass and .cue file formats.


Do you know other best video subtitle software? Do share your thoughts below

Note: This guest post was written by by Sandrina, editor of a  Technology and Freeware blog in Serbian language: http://internetzanatlija.com/


  1. Awesome softwares, I agree by having subtitles on vidoes you can easily increase the reach and popularity, more chances to receive targeted traffic on your site. :)

  2. This is an awesome collection, been looking for this type of software for creating video subtitles and looks like I’ve already found one.. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Hi,
    My personal favorite is VisualSubSync. I like to click on the wave and make my insertion and move on. It is easy to use and time efficient.

  4. I have been using subtitle workshop from many times but other two software are new for me and i will defiantly try them too, thanks for sharing this information.

  5. I downloaded subtitle workshop & subtitle edit after reading this article and so far I prefer subtitle workshop and will probably stick with using it. Thanks for sharing these 3 programs with us.

    • It’s great to see that different people like different types of software. Though it has made me confused about which to follow when I decide to try one of these software :) Thanks for the feedback though, I will put Subtitle Workshop under consideration

  6. Hey,
    At last! It took me a whole day just to find the best software in creating a video’s subtitle. And i am that glad that is from a great author, that is why I am so eager to utilize it directly. Thanks. :D

  7. just downloaded but it does not work for me!…. It says
    D:\Saul\RealPlayer Downloads\Accounting IPAD\Basic Accounting Principles.mp4
    Please wait…
    0 audio stream found.
    Select a stream and press the ‘Extract’ button.

    I am trying to add subtittle!!!!, The way I read the post, is that this software will create, type and place the title in your project while you play it?

  8. its nice your review! but I think Subtitle Edit is better after using Subtitle Workshop for years, first the SW 4? and now the 6b… and it doesnt seem better.

    but Subtitle Edit after using it today, its really the best subtitle editor to me! its so fast and easy to fix the delays in subtitles, which is not easy anymore in SW since you have tot o go to edit- timming- set delay and after you apply the changes it disappear. while in SubtitleEdit, it stays overlayed ready for you to use it anytime.
    also the video player is better in SE than SW (if used LAV codecs correctly) in my opinión which made it easier to edit subtitles in 720p/1080p videos.

    I didnt use VisualSybSync, but I dont have to since the UI seems not as fast to use than SE!

    • Hi Emi,
      Thanks for coming over and share your experience with Subtitle Edit! I haven’t really tried them yet as I’m always editing my videos on Adobe Premiere Pro. But I’ll definitely keep this in mind should I need to use one of these software!

      • yeah its strange to see how things change in few years. 2 years from this article and and now I dont thinks Subtitleworskshop is the best.

        I usually do a small “delay” adjustment. with SW it was getting silly because you had to go to a submenu to get that opcion. But subtitle edit, has everything on the screen, and if it doesnt, like the one to set delays, it will stay overlayed so you can keep using it.

        today I really had to adjust a Phantom of the Opera from 1925 (so it wasnt spoken) that nobody had in my language and adjusting all the 189 lines one by one, would have been impossible in SW, because everything is so hidden.

        I like how I could jst say “set start/end time” with just a simple click. “play from just before the text” its really nice to see as well.
        its nice I found your site! so I could get an idea what software I could use to change SW. because even though I do usual a small adjustment that can be done in SW, Subtitle edit makes it faster and easier and its a pleasure to use.
        i even was using SW 4 because 6b seems to have more hidden the options I need and it seems like step backwards from what SW was. even the interface feels more polished and just my choice from now its Subtitle Edit.
        anyway! good luck in your work and have good holidays!

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