Amazon Kindle 3 Giveaway Winner


Thank you for all of your participation so far and hopefully you had a few reads of my articles while staying subscribed to the newsletter. The Amazon Kindle 3 giveaway has come to an end and it’s time to announce the winner of Amazon Kindle 3 :)

It is a hard one to pick the winner because there are some creative answers that made me ponder. One of them made me chuckle though and thus, the winner has been picked.

Amazon Kindle 3 Giveaway Winner

The most fun and creative answer goes to:

Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. I got to beat that with eBooks

That is you, Abdulqader Kapadia! Congratulations! We don’t want you to have that many wives and concubines so it’s best to give you the Kindle and stick with having one wife, yeah? :)

Can you please contact me to get your shipping details so we can ship the prize over to you?

Thank you for everyone who has entered this giveaway. Hope you stay subscribed to Craving Tech’s newsletter and there will always be more exciting giveaways coming up here at Craving Tech. Next one being organised is to win a Thor’s DVD Pack + Thor’s Dumb bell alarm clock + Thor’s USB flash drive :) Stay tuned!

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