A Superfast 100W Travel Adapter – POLARRIES E-Cube 100 Review

POLARRIES E-Cube 100 Review – I used to bring a small, USB power board to travel with me overseas. It’s an easy way to be able to charge my laptop and a couple of devices like my phone, headphones, etc. Along with it, I usually have to bring along an extra travel adapter so I can use it anywhere around the world.

But ever since we’ve come across these amazingly compact, travel GaN adapters, this no longer the case. All I need to bring is one of these GaN travel adapters like the POLLARIES E-Cube 100.

POLARRIES E-Cube 100 Review – Unboxing and Packaging Contents

Unlike any other GaN travel adapters I’ve come across, the E-Cube 100 comes with a nice, sturdy, hard case plus an extra 100W USB-C cable so you can start charging your power-hungry devices on the get go.

While the case is nice, I’d probably just leave it behind when I go travelling as it adds extra space and weight inside my STM Dux backpack.

POLARRIES E-Cube 100 Review – Design and Features

And unlike any other GaN travel adapters I’ve come across (like the Zendure Passport III), the E-Cube 100 actually is heavier and a bit larger. This is because the E-Cube 100 has a crazy fast and high 100W charging output to charge modern laptops like the MacBook Pro 16, or Dell XPS 13. There isn’t that many portable, travel adapters that has a 100W output so this is a big plus.

It also has 4 USB ports (2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports), along with a multi-regions socket. The USB ports are clearly labelled so you don’t have to remember which port has what kinds of power output. Having both USB-A and USG-C ports mean greater compatibility as not every device you have would have a USB-C port. Things may change in the future but it won’t be anytime soon.

The two USB-C ports both support 100W output and the two USB-A ports both support 18W output. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously but note that the total 100W output will be shared among the ports. Here’s a breakdown of what will happen to the charging output when you plug a few devices at the same time:

My HUAWEI MateBook X Pro here for example, supports 65W charging so instead of carrying a power brick or adapter, I can just plug it straight into the E-Cube 100.

And for a bonus, I can still use the other ports to charge my phone or tablet without compromising the charging output for the laptop (i.e I still get a 65W charging output): Fast charge my laptop and fast charge my devices at the same time!

The multi-regions socket works in more than 100 countries around the world, and regions like US, UK, EU & AU plugs integrated (supports type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N and O outlets). The only type that the  E-Cube 100 doesn’t support is Type D/H/M/O (countries like India, Nepal, Israel, etc – feel free to Google to double check before you buy and go travelling).

POLARRIES E-Cube 100 also has a 10A Self-Reset Fuse for overload protection as the fuse will stop the flow of power immediately. Having a self-reset fuse means you do not have to replace the fuse as the adapter will automatically work again within a minute after an incident happens.

POLARRIES E-Cube 100 Review Conclusion

POLARRIES E-Cube 100 is an excellent, portable, multi-region GaN adapter that you can bring along to travel. It supports up to 100W charging to charge your modern laptops, along with multiple devices at the same time, including fast-charge your smartphones and tablets. Switching to a different plug is very easy (with just a slide up and down) and if you are travelling to different countries, all you need to bring is this single, portable, power adapter.

Leave your laptop power brick at home, leave your power board, and leave all your other devices’ power adapter. The E-Cube 100 can charge them all.

POLLARIES E-Cube 100 is currently at Kickstarter where you can grab one at a discounted price of $65 (you’ll get the product, travel organiser case, and the 100W USB-C cable).

Disclosure: POLLARIES E-Cube 100 review sample was supplied for reviewing

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