• Happy New Year 2008

    Happy New Year, guys! I launched this blog (my first blogging experience) at the end of September 2007 and hoping to write more stories and offer more posts to you guys in 2008! All the best in year 2008 and good luck with your new year resolution (if you have any :))

  • How to get a six pack abs using your couch

    This video is showing how to get a six pack abs for your tummy using your couch :) It’s around 10 minutes a day and you don’t need to pay for your gym :) I’ve got to give this a try too!

  • The Kingdom (2007) Movie Review

    The Kingdom Synopsis: A bomb has gone off inside an American compound in Saudi Arabia, killing 2 FBI agents, Arabs, Americans, and also children. Special Agent Ronald Fleury, FBI, assembled a team of four to investigate the bombing and to find the man who is responsible for the blast. He is only given 5 days…

  • Netscape Navigator Review

    Remember the old days of Netscape decades ago? It’s probably the only browser that you would ever use back then. That was the era before Mozilla, IE, and Opera stepped in (alright, alright, and Flock and Maxthon and K-Meleon and other zillions of browsers out there!) I was amused that there are people who still…

  • All Steam Games 10-50% OFF!

    From STEAM news website: The first-ever Steam storewide sale is happening now! Save 10-50% on every game in every genre from every developer and publisher on Steam.

  • Merry Christmas 25th December 2007

    Merry Christmas (and happy new year soon)! It is that time again of the year. To us Christians, it means celebrating the coming of our saviour to the world, and to others, a holiday season full of candlelights, christmas decorations, and the time of the year where TV stations are showing the "Home Alone" movies…

  • USB Vacuum Cleaner (Black Silver) Review

     I bought this USB Vacuum Cleaner (black silver color) from DealExtreme a few weeks ago and it arrived today. Then, I happily opened up the package and tried to suck up dusts gathering on my computer desk with enthusiasm.

  • Build an interactive whiteboard and touch screen using Wiimote (Wii remote)

    This guy, Johny Chung Lee, has made a nice hack using a Wiimote (the Nintendo Wii remote) to create an interactive drawing board and also touch screen applications. Man, what a smart gentleman! If you have heard about Microsoft Surface, then you’ll be quite familiar with this concept (or if you have already watched Tom’s…

  • Funny jokes about men and women

    Some jokes about a man and a woman, taken from a post @Neowin forum.. Love and Romance Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

  • The Witcher (PC Game) 1.2 Patch!

    Finally! The patch for The Witcher, that is supposed to improve the loading time is out now! If you are currently playing the game, I’m sure you must have noticed the terrible loading times, but somehow you don’t want to stop playing :) Well good news for you, the new patch is out now. Go…

  • Free shutdown timer for Windows XP/NT/2000

    Shutdown timer XP – Ever want to shutdown your computer automatically after it completes a certain task? When you have slept or when your download has finished? I found this nifty Shutdown Timer XP (also works for Windows NT and Windows 2000) application many years ago, but in my opinion, it’s the simplest and easiest…

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe Game

    The game is still under development at the moment, but you can see the demo video here. It ‘s a very fun game, where you need to draw lines, circles, squares (freehand mode) to make the "ball" moves to collect the star. Check out the video and you can also play the Crayon Physics Basic…