Simple, yet sleek desk stand for phone and tablet with luxurious look and feel – PADACS Desk Stand Review

PADACS Desk Stand Review

PADACS Desk Stand Review – This sleek and simple desk stand only costs you $12.95 but it looks and feels luxurious. There are times when you don’t feel like placing your expensive smartphone or tablet on the surface of your desk. And you shouldn’t. Dirt can get transferred to its surface or worse, scratches.

PADACS Desk Stand simple design lets you place your smartphone and even tablet on it so your device can stay safe from harm. It also creates a nice viewing angle for reading and watching activities.

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You can now create new Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) documents on the iPad for free


Microsoft is surely on the spree this year. Recently, they announced an unlimited storage on OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) for Office 365 subscribers. Today, apart from iOS new app updates announcements, you can also create Office documents for free, without being an Office 365 subscriber.

Previously, you are only allowed to view the Office documents created somewhere else on your iPhone and iPad – which is fine for most users, but it hinders you from being able to create an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, or PowerPoint presentation on the go. You are either stuck with Apple solutions or having to go online with your browser to create it somewhere else.

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Should you upgrade to Apple iPad Air 2 announced last night?

iPad Air 2

On another keynote event last night, Apple announced the next generation iPad, which is the iPad Air 2. As expected, the new iPad Air 2 is slimmer than the predecessor and more powerful (with an upgraded processor and internal components). It also has the Apple TouchID so you can unlock the iPad with just a touch of a finger.

The surprise comes from the better display due to Apple’s impressive engineering for combining 3 panels into 1, making the iPad Air 2 even thinner (world’s thinnest tablet at the moment) and sharper images on the screen.

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iPad Air 2 coming on October 16 + photo leaks

iPad Air 2 Event invitation

The rumor about Apple planning to dedicate an event to launch its latest iPad Air is indeed true. The official invitation was being sent to day to selected media for an Apple event on October 16, 2014, titled “It’s been too long” (according to Apple Insider). Apart from the iPad Air 2, there might be other product upgrades such as a Retina Display iMac and perhaps other surprises like Apple TV?

The “It’s been too long” sounds intriguing though. It can mean a whole new iPod update. It can also mean that we have been stucked on the good old TV technology for too long (hence, Apple TV?). Speculations, speculations.

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Sonos overhaul their apps with a more intuitive design and other goodness

Sonos new app

Sonos delivers high quality, wireless speaker systems at home (make sure to check our review on the Sonos PLAY:3 and Sonos PLAY:1) controlled by apps on your desktop machines and mobile devices.

I had been using their beta version for a while and I really liked it. I’m glad that the new version of the Sonos app (Sonos version 5) has now been officially launched to the public. It looks more modern (flat UI), smooth, but most importantly, offers a better experience for Sonos users.

The single thing that I really like is the new universal search. Simply type for the song that you’d like to output to your high quality Sonos speakers system and the app will search across all of your online music services and libraries for it. You no longer have to select a specific music service first to do the search. It’s simple and powerful. Adding music to the queue has simply been made simpler and faster.

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A portable battery charger that makes you leave your charging cables at home

Moshi IonBank 5k-3

Our smartphone can do wonders. It has tremendous amount of processing power with the ability to run powerful apps within. As good as it may sound, most smartphones don’t even last a single day, so we often carry a portable charger in our pocket.

The bad news is, most portable battery chargers require you to carry 2 different types of cables along with the charger unit: a microUSB cable to charge the portable charger and a Lightning cable to charge your iPhone or iPad.

The good news is, with Moshi IonBank 5k (with Lightning connector), you don’t need to carry anything else.

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You can now download and play Hearthstone on an iPad!


As of today, Blizzard has finally announced the availability of Hearthstone, its free and popular strategy card game, to the iPad. Blizzard has made it clear that they were developing an app for the iPad but they only told us that the app release would be in weeks. And we all know Blizzard never release anything until it is ready (Or “when it’s done”).

Wait no more, Hearthstone players, you can grab Hearthstone on the iPad today – assuming you live in Australia (woohoo!), Canada, or New Zealand. The rest of the world will have to wait, though not for long, according to Blizzard’s official blog post about Hearthstone for iPad launch.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the official Microsoft Office for iPad is here

Microsoft Office iPad

That’s right folks, you wanted it, right? As of today, Office for iPad is available for download at the App Store. That includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in separate apps. They are free, assuming that you only want to open and read the Office documents. For editing and creating one, you need to be an Office 365 subscriber (check our review on Office 365). Or you can opt for the 30-day trial to try out.

Microsoft recently announced a cheaper option for personal use, so you may want to go for that if viewing a Word document is not good enough for you.

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Moshi offers a unique iPad Air case with detachable keyboard

Moshi Versa Keyboard-25

It’s one of those “why no one has ever thought of this before” moments when I first saw the Moshi VersaKeyboard case for the iPad Air. A keyboard case normally takes the experience of simplicity away from using your iPad and a separate Bluetooth keyboard takes too much of a hassle to be carried around separately.

The guys at Moshi come up with something cool: an iPad folio case with a hidden, detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

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Logitech Folio Protective Case for the iPad Air

Logitech folio case-3

After looking at a few different folio keyboard cases for the iPad Air (with another one coming up), the Folio Protective Case from Logitech is a relief. It offers a simpler folio case solution when you don’t need to carry bulky keyboards around, no matter how light they are.

This folio case from Logitech promises to protect your iPad Air from bumps, scratches, and even spills.

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