Gurman: No Scheduled Apple Event for Mac and iPad Releases

Apple has chosen to deviate from its customary spring event tradition, opting instead to reveal its latest Macs and iPads via press releases, online videos, and marketing campaigns. This decision, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and covered by various tech outlets including 9to5Mac, signifies a departure from the company’s usual launch strategy. Check out the details.

Apple Not to Schedule an Event this Month Instead Launch Products on its Website

Anticipated within the upcoming weeks are a suite of new devices, spearheaded by revamped iPad Pro models. Speculation suggests these tablets will debut sporting the next-generation M3 chip, potentially accompanied by OLED displays for heightened visuals and sleeker designs. Moreover, rumors abound regarding the integration of a landscape-oriented front camera, aligning with the aesthetics of the iPad 10.

In tandem with the iPad Pro overhaul, Apple is expected to unveil a fresh lineup of iPad Air models. Of particular note is the purported introduction of a 12.9-inch variant, catering to users seeking a larger screen real estate while retaining the Air’s hallmark portability.

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Simultaneously, the tech giant is poised to unveil an updated iteration of its popular MacBook Air, boasting the latest M3 chip for enhanced performance. Accompanying these hardware announcements, consumers can anticipate the release of new iterations of the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, designed to complement the upcoming iPad Pro models.

Although an official launch date remains undisclosed, Gurman hints at a release timeframe spanning from March to April, in line with Apple’s historical hardware release schedule. This period is also expected to coincide with the introduction of a “special version” of iOS 17.4 tailored to support the newly unveiled devices.

The rationale behind Apple’s departure from the conventional event format remains ambiguous. Speculation points towards potential challenges within the global supply chain, notably the ongoing semiconductor shortage, which could be impeding production schedules and rendering it impractical to ascertain a fixed event date. Alternatively, this shift may signify a strategic pivot towards online channels as a primary means of product dissemination, potentially offering broader audience reach while mitigating the expenses associated with hosting physical events.

Overall, despite the absence of a grandiose event, consumers can rest assured of Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. Stay abreast of official announcements and release dates by monitoring Apple’s official website and social media platforms. It is pertinent to note that the information provided is based on the available data at the time of writing and is subject to alterations as new details emerge.\

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