10 Best productive Siri voice commands for iPhone and iPad

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Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam

Siri is one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence used on Apple products, it may be the most often ignored feature on your iPhone. Apple’s computerized AI occasionally gets unfavorable criticism, yet it’s an unquestionably important tool when you begin exploiting it

To most inquiries, You’ll get a standard reaction with the data you want. Yet, there are a couple of inquiries you can pose to Apple’s Siri and a couple of sentences you can share with your virtual companion.

If you are annoyed by Siri’s response to your inquiries here, we have the 10 Best Productive Siri Voice Commands for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, and Mac.

Without further delay, Let’s dive into the article!

What are the best Siri Voice Commands for Productivity?

Hey Siri is the common keyword you use to trigger Siri to do a certain task. So use all these Productive Siri Voice Commands following “Hey Siri.”

How to make Siri answer your questions?

Siri can answer most of your basic questions like “What is time now?” “What is the date today?” :Call {Name}”, “Message {Name}” {Message}”. It can be able to respond to these kinda basic and simple questions and commands.

But if you require an accurate answer,  instead of opening the browser you can ask Siri to search for the answer, and it will show you the results instead of answering you directly. 

For Example, Ask Siri “where is the great pyramid located?” instead of replying directly it will provide you with a blog article.

How to launch an app using Siri?

To launch an app, instead of opening an app manually, command Siri to “Launch App” for example, to open Instagram, say “Hey Siri, Launch Instagram” and it will open Instagram instantly. One of the easiest and most useful Siri commands.

How to set an alarm using Siri?

To make you wake up on time say “Hey Siri, wake me up in 8 hours” it will record the present time and wake up after 8 hours. Or, say “ Hey SIRI wake me up at 6:00 AM” it will wake up at 6:00. So you won’t be delayed in an important meeting.

How to record an event or meeting on your calendar using Siri?

When you are committed to an important meeting or an event and thinking of someone to remind you about the meeting,  Siri is here to help you. Say “Hey Siri, schedule a meeting” and Siri will record the meeting and also show up in your device notification center to remind you when the date arrives for the meeting.

How to set a reminder on your iPhone using Siri

To remind you to take pills on time, remind you to attend online meetings, or simply to get things done, say ”Hey Siri, Remind Me to take pills at nine PM” Siri will remind you to take your necessary pills on time.

How to take quick notes using Siri?

Siri helps me to take quick notes while attending on most important occasions. I don’t carry a paper and pen with me and am not interested in taking notes manually while the other person is speaking.

So I just command Siri to “Take Notes” and the content will automatically save to the notes app for iPhone and iPad.

How to Initiate a timer using Siri?

To initiate a timer, instruct “Hey Siri, Timer for 5 Minutes” and the timer will begin for 5 minutes after 5 minutes you will be notified by an alarm sound. It is very helpful while cooking and I experienced the difficulty of managing time while cooking.

How to translate text using Siri?

The translation is a basic requirement when you travel to a different region and Siri helps you with translating the text into your language. For example, to translate the sentence command “ Hey Siri, Translate, What is your name into french” it will translate the sentence into french so you can have a healthy conversation instead of arguments.

How to make a list using Siri?

Lists are very important when you are managing finance, to make a list. Activate Siri with “Create a Household list”. You can find the list in the reminder app for your iPhone and iPad.

How to send an email using Siri?

Emailing is becoming easier after Siri. Now I can email with a command instead of doing it manually. To email, “Send an email to Dailytut, and Siri will ask for the subject and body of the email. You can do it by giving voice commands.


How to make phone calls and send text messages using Siri?

Making phone calls is one of my favorite features of using Siri, to make a phone call command “ Hey Siri, call to Robin” or to send a message saying “Hey Siri, Text Robin”

In this way, you can make free-hand phone calls. If a contact has multiple phone numbers, save a number in your favorites list and Siri uses it as default to contact them.

These are all the 10 Best Productive Siri Voice Commands for iPhone and iPad that we have hand-picked for you. We will refresh this rundown when we find more upcoming best productive Siri voice commands delivered in the future. Assuming you know any Siri voice commands that you are using and observed, we have missed remembering for the above list, sympathetically notice it in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and assuming that you find these 10 Best Productive SIRI Voice Commands for iPhone and iPad accommodating, go ahead and share them with your friends.

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