Windows 8 has gone RTM!

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Windows 8 RTM

Windows 8 RTM – That’s “Released to Manufacturing” if you don’t know what RTM means. That means it’s final and we can now wait in peace (or not waiting at all if you are still cynical about Windows 8).

You can upgrade your current Windows Operating System to Windows 8 on October 26th for just $39.99 (hooray!) or by buying a new PC or device. If you are planning to get a Windows 7 PC very soon, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro by just paying for $14.99 through the Windows Upgrade Offer.

So when will we get Windows 8? According to the official blog post and press release I got today, the earliest is the 15th of August 2012 where developers will be able to download Windows 8 via their MSDN subscriptions.

For us, Windows 8 will be available on the 26th of October 2012. For the media and reviewers, hmm, I’m not sure, I actually plan to ask about it tomorrow.

Though I was a bit skeptical still about Windows 8, I’m willing to give it a try with the final version. I assume not much has changed since the Windows 8 Release Preview. However, I’ve heard people found hidden gems and many good things once you actually force yourself to use it after a while (and not limiting your brain from the previous Windows experience).

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