Starting in July 2015, you will be able to send a direct message without limit. Well, technically, there is the 10,000 characters limit, but seriously, why would you need to send a 10,000-character message?

At the moment, you can send a direct message to a Twitter profile or your followers with the limit of 140 characters.

To some, it’s good enough but sometimes I just wish I can send more, instead of having my message being split into 4-5 messages due to the silly requirement. Especially when you need to send a full address, or to explain a few things.

Sure, you can send an email or use one of many other messaging platforms but sometimes you have a different social group on Twitter. I’m more reluctant in giving my phone number away as I try to keep my personal life private – but I’m happy to get a mention or direct message on Twitter every now and then to catch up with my online buddies.

Tweets will still have a 140-character limit, and that is fine. After all, that has been what Twitter is all about, right?

Source: Twitter Community

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