5 Best Twitter Alternatives

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Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter he fired almost 4000 Twitter employees overnight that includes big shots like Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal. Not only that, he consistently brings drastic changes to Twitter, especially pushing the free social medium towards a subscription base platform with Twitter Blue.

Yes, you have to pay $8 to get a verified tick mark on Twitter and it’s just the beginning. Elon has a lot of plans in bringing Twitter an S-tier platform with direct competition to YouTube. But because of his rude plans, most companies stopped advertising on Twitter. An estimation says Twitter loses $ 4 million per day so, it is not a profit-making company as of now.

You could be considering leaving Twitter if you don’t agree with its present course or if you’re tired of the trolls, radicals, and overzealous censoring.

Where should you go, though? Are there any viable Twitter substitutes, and if so, which one would you prefer? Although Twitter has numerous advantages, its finest features are also found on other sites. Here are the top Twitter alternatives that you could switch to, to aid in your decision. Unlike typical social apps like Reddit or Tumblr, let’s have a wider look at the various social media applications that are less popular but have great features.

1/5 – Mastodon

One of the most searched alternatives for Twitter is Mastodon, it is an open-source, free social application that allows users to establish their social networking sites. Many independently maintained Mastodon nodes, each with its code of conduct, terms of service, privacy choices, and moderation procedures, provide it with microblogging characteristics that are comparable to those of the Twitter service.

Each user is a part of a particular Mastodon instance which is commonly  known as a server, which functions as a federated social network and enables the communication between users on various nodes. Users will have the freedom to choose a server whose rules they value while maintaining access to a wider social network thanks to this.

Mastodon is more secure than the majority of other social media platforms in several aspects. It is as safe as any other website in terms of social engineering, fraud, and bots. Given that it isn’t the largest platform right now, it could even be safer at this stage.

Download Mastodon for your Android | iPhone

2/5 – Amino

A community network called Amino, the app’s goal is to connect users based on shared interests. You may create a profile that is unique to you, follow others, and expand your own following. After that, you have the choice of joining an existing community focused on your passion or starting your own and inviting others to do the same.

Amino is a smartphone app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Similar to Mastodon, it focuses on communities that you may join depending on your interests.

One may join communities on a variety of subjects, from beloved TV shows and movies to pop bands and even subcultures based on gender and sexuality. However, while having a minimum age of 13, Amino makes it simple to find material that parents could find inappropriate.

Download Amino for Android | iPhone

3/5 – Gab

Musk often mentions “freedom of speech” across Twitter but here is a platform that is very similar to Twitter that offers freedom of speech for free. Gab has earned a reputation as one of the best alternatives to Twitter with the mission of putting “people and free expression first.” In fact, it was created as a counterbalance to what CEO Andrew Torba called “the left-leaning Big Social monopoly.”

Gab was removed from the Apple App Store in 2016, which may not seem unusual for a business that prioritizes free expression. Google took Gab’s app from the Play Store in 2017, citing the fact that it did not “show a suitable degree of moderation, especially for content that provokes violence and supports hate against groups of people.”

Given that the Gab platform allows users to post 300-character status updates and has a user interface that resembles a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, all the uproar is a shame.

Use the Gab Web Application.

4/5 – GETTR

The social media app GETTR is rather aesthetically beautiful and neat. Your feed is attractive and your postings follow the same structure we are all used to, but it is constantly being spammed by people who oppose your views and outright trolls who want to ruin the app’s image.

There are various ways to sign up with GETTR, including phone or email, you may think of GETTR as a less conservative Parler without Kanye West, which makes it quite simple to start utilizing a social network “based on the values of free expression, independent thought, and opposing political censorship.”

Both mobile devices and web browsers can access GETTR.

Download GETTR for your Android | iPhone

5/5 – Cohost

Cohost is designed to allow you to share anything. The user interface is free of ads and mimics both Tumblr and Facebook. A yearly or monthly membership provides better access to the website with larger uploads and more customization options. .

Cohost’s registration process is cumbersome because it is a young platform as of now While you may register and view the website, you are unable to post until your account has gone through the entire verification process. The good news is that you now have the time to investigate discussions and subjects, save hashtags, and create a profile.

Anyone worried about their privacy online may rest assured knowing that Cohost “would never sell your data, sell adverts, or sell the firm to anyone who might modify these policies in order to make money. But I’m unable to find a mobile application for now. You only have to use this as a web application.

Use the Cohost Web Application

These are the top 5 Twitter alternatives that I have listed. There are plenty of applications available online as Twitter alternatives but I see authenticity in these 5 mobile and web applications. If you find this article useful consider sharing it with your friends on Twitter, and let them have some fun.

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