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It’s 2019 and Twitter.com has a new look

After seven years without any design changes whatsoever, Twitter.com gets a new makeover. Well, to be fair, Twitter did have new features and changes such as the replies threads (imagine not having this now), more characters limit when composing/replying/attaching media, etc.

But this time, it’s a complete design makeover – giving Twitter.com a fresh, new, modern look.

The update is rolling out as we speak, so it may take some time before you get the new look in your Twitter account. @cravingtech has not got it yet, but my @michaelaulia account already gets the new design.

See the comparions between the old and new below (on the Default background, i.e non-Dark mode):

The site now has a more consistent look with the mobile apps (both iOS and Android) and there are more options to dwell into as well.

Some of the minor changes include a better Explore feature (to see more live videos, personalised local moments, and top trends), easier access to Favourite features (bookmarks, lists, and profiles), better Direct Messaging, easier profile switching (if you have more than one account like myself), and a darker dark mode called “Lights Out”. You can also change a few colour options like link colours and font sizes easily.

So in a sense, Twitter is still Twitter, but the new design is definitely a fresh change and makes it in line with the app design.

Love it or not, the new design will roll out to your account soon, if not already.

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