Twitter introduces new feature: Threads

Twitter Threads

Have you ever seen someone whom you follow tweeted many tweets in successions on a certain topic? Or a brand’s technical support tweeted with “(1/3)”, “(2/3)” at the end of their tweets to mark that there are more tweets to read due to Twitter’s characters limitations?

While Twitter have given us more characters to tweet with, there are times when you need to tweet even longer than that, or to split different train of thoughts to multiple, smaller tweets.

For that, Twitter Threads can organise your multiple tweets into a nice, single thread, keeping your followers’ Twitter timeline clean.

When you compose a Tweet, you’ll see the “+” button next to your Tweet submit button. If you press it, you’ll get a new Tweet thread where you can compose more tweets, all in a single tweet thread.

It’s now definitely easier to create multiple tweets of the same topic, and keep your timeline organised and neater.

The update is rolling out and if you are using a Twitter’s third party app on your phone, you’ll have to wait until the developers release an update to support creating Twitter threads.

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