This padlock with fingerprint sensor makes life so much easier – Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock Anytek P1 Review

Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock Anytek P1 Review – We lock everything for safety reasons: windows, boxes, doors, etc. On doors and gates, you’d usually use a padlock with key, which is the most traditional way to locking and unlocking. At home, we actually use a combination padlock to lock our side gate.

You could go smarter by using an app to unlock your padlock through Bluetooth with something like the LockSmart Mini. However, a better and more convenient way is to use your fingerprint to unlock, just like unlocking your phone.

The Fingerprint Padlock P1 by Anysafe is as the product name suggests. It’s a smart padlock equipped with fingerprint sensor. As a result, unlocking a padlock is now cool, fast, convenient, and secure.

Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock Anytek P1 Review – Packaging

Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock Anytek P1 Review – Design & Features

The padlock itself is pretty thick and sturdy, definitely not something that you can just kick or break easily. It’s made of all-zinc alloy cast by integrated stamping process, seamlessly docked, and can withstand more than 500 kilograms of tension.

It also looks modern and somewhat stylish (which is kinda weird to mention this for a padlock). The fingerprint sensor is covered but can be opened easily with a slide of a thumb, i.e unlocking only requires a one-hand operation, which is great. Thanks to the sensor cover, the padlock is safe to be used outside and has survived a terrible thunderstorm here in Melbourne last week.

With an IP65 waterproof rating and being able to withstand challenging temperatures, the Anysafe Padlock Anytek P1 is a reliable padlock for both indoors and outdoors. The charging port is also fully covered.

The padlock houses a 300mAh battery and can be charged via microUSB. According to Anysafe, once fully charged, the P1 can be used up to 2500 times. The rechargeable battery supports up to 2 years standby time and a 1-year normal use roughly. We only unlock our side gate once a week to take our bins in and out, so it will be a long while before we have to charge it again.

Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock P1-13

You can have up to 10 fingerprints registered on the lock with one being the administrator (the first person who registers his or her fingerprint). This makes the P1 padlock useful for business purposes as well, or when you have a small office with extra security gate in front of the premise. Like iPhone’s TouchID, you have to go through a setup process that requires you to use the sensor multiple times before your finger is registered successfully.

During my 2 weeks of usage and testing, the fingerprint sensor works really well. You do have to be exact with the positioning (which my wife had problems with at first), i.e by placing your thumb/finger at the center. Once you understand that it’s not as forgiving as your phone’s, you’ll get it right all the time. It takes about half a second to unlock, which is fast.

While it’d be cooler to have an app where you can unregister a fingerprint, or have users set up to see the unlock history, or check for battery status, the Anytek P1 is still a great padlock to have. As I mentioned earlier, we were using a combination padlock to unlock our gate and it’s challenging to see the numbers in the dark. I often had to carry a flashlight or my phone as a result.

But with the Anytek P1, I can easily unlock my gate even in the dark. It is also faster and being a tech reviewer, this is just more modern, smarter, and easier than other unlocking methods!

Definitely would recommend this cool, handy padlock if you need something locked and unlocked pretty frequently. No more forgetting combination numbers or keys, and unlocking process is super fast and easy.

Check it out in action:

The P1 Fingerprint Padlock was at Indiegogo if you want to find out more about it.

Disclosure: Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock Anytek P1 review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

Anysafe Fingerprint Padlock Anytek P1 Review
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