Microsoft announced Xbox One 1TB Console and redesigned Wireless Controller


Xbox One 1TB console

Ever wish your Xbox One has more capacity to store all your games? Sad no more, because Microsoft has just recently announced the availability of Xbox One 1TB console, definitely to cater all hard-core console gamers out there. If that is still not large enough for you, you can hook up an external USB 3.0 drive to extend its game storage further. That should satisfy everyone – hopefully.

The console will also come in a new matte finish and a newly designed Xbox One Wireless Controller.


The Xbox One Wireless Controller now comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack so you can plug your favorite gaming headset straight into the controller. Headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice + game audio balance can be adjusted through the Xbox One console setting. The audio quality and volume loudness coming through the controller have been improved in the new controller, based on fan feedback.

Other updates include wireless firmware updates (so you don’t need to plug the controller to your console anymore to receive updates) and fine-tuned bumpers for more consistent perrformance along all of the bumper surfaces.

Apart from the original Black color, you can also grab the special edition Covert Forces Wireless Controller in silver and black.

Source: Xbox Wire


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