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what is twitter animation videoThis is a nice animation video explaining what Twitter is and it’s also funny at the same time :)

At the moment I’m probably the only blogger who doesn’t really like Twitter. I think the terms “Making friends” with Twitter sounds fake to me. How is it possible to be friend with hundreds of people you don’t even know all at the same time? A few probably, but unless you don’t have things to do whole day, then even following 30 people is already hard enough.

Take a look at Darren Rowse from’s Twitter page for example. He’s following 18,479 people by the time this post is written. How can he possibly keep in touch with them all? Not to mention that he has 47,078 followers who some of them probably try hard to get noticed by him?

Enough of my rant. Take a look at the video from SuperNews! and enjoy it :)

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