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Find your missing items with TrackR pixel and bravo

TrackR Review – Getting tired trying to find your “missing” keys or phone at home? Your misery can soon be over, thanks to these coin-sized tiny devices.

What I have here are the TrackR pixel and TrackR bravo with a small difference in features & design but their goal is the same: for you to be able to track & find your important item that it attaches to.

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TrackR is a small and lightweight tracker powered by low-powered Bluetooth that syncs to your phone. This allows you to use your phone to track and find a TrackR device, but also use your TrackR device to find your phone. By pressing a button on the TrackR device, your phone will ring an audible alarm even when it is set to Silent (I always set my phone to silent, so this will come in handy one day).

Setting up a TrackR device is really simple and only took me like around 5-10 seconds per device. It does require a free app to be downloaded on your phone to pair with.

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Both TrackR Pixel and Bravo have the same features such as LED Light, Item Ringer, Phone Finder, Family Sharing, Crowd Locate, etc. The difference is that TrackR Bravo has a Separation Alerts feature.

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The Separation Alerts feature works by notifying you when you are about to leave the other paired object behind. So for example, if you’ve attached a TrackR to your house keys and you leave your phone as you are walking out of the house, you’ll get a notification.

To find a TrackR, you can use your phone’s app to see where its last location is, or if it’s in your house, it will let you know whether you are getting closer or farther as you walk around trying to find roughly where it is.

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You can then go to step two, which is to set its alarm off so you can find out where it is. The sound is loud enough once you get closer but might prove challenging if you are in a warehouse or a large office with lots of background noises.

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Should you ever lose it (like, by leaving your keys behind or dropping them somewhere), you’ll have to rely on TrackR’s Crowd Locate.

Crowd Locate runs on crowd-sourced technology so it requires another TrackR user to be in the close vicinity of your lost item. On my app, it mentions having 3423 TrackR devices nearby, though I’m not sure how near a “nearby” is.

From the experience of other reviewers and users of similar tracking devices like TrackR, using crowd-sourced finding is a hard and miss, and depends on where you live.

At least with the Separation Alerts, you can prevent having to lose your item altogether from happening. But if you really lose your valuables, there is never a 100% guarantee that you will find them again as it relies on another TrackR user.

TrackR Crowd Locate

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Rather than attaching a TrackR device to your keys, you can also stick it to other items like your bag, laptop, etc. Unlike Tile which you have to toss away every year or so once its battery is depleted, TrackR battery is actually replaceable.

It uses a CR1616 cell battery that can be easily bought at a Chemist store so it’s more economically friendly. A TrackR is also smaller compared to a Tile.

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You can get TrackR pixel and bravo from their official website and the listed retail stores around the world.

Disclosure: TrakR pixel and bravo review samples were supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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