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Top 5 Technological Advances From The Last 30 Years



Note: This is a guest post written by Monique on behalf of Inkpal

Advances in technology over the past 30 years have greatly influenced the way we live on an everyday basis. In the early 1980s, you had to talk on telephones that were stuck to the wall, look in books to find information, and buy records for the latest music.

The last three decades have revolutionized our way of life creating a wireless world that includes browsing the Internet from nearly anywhere in the world to complete an array of tasks from looking up information to purchasing a variety of goodies.

Here are some of the best technological advances from the last 30 years:


1. Home Computers and the Internet


People used to have to go to a library to look up information, search in a phone book to locate someone’s phone number, and write out checks and place them in the mail to pay bills. The emergence of home computers and the Internet is the most influential technological advance that completely changed the way many people carry out daily tasks. People are able to conduct an endless amount of tasks from their home computes from paying bills and transferring money to downloading and listening to music.

Additionally, Microsoft Windows became the most popular operating system for personal computers and the newest version Windows 8 will be released early next year.

2. DNA Testing and Fingerprinting

The invention of DNA fingerprinting in the early 1980s created a way to analyze over 3 billion units in the sequence of human DNA by comparing certain segments of the sequence to identify the differences among people. This technology completely changed the legal system and created the ability to correctly identify the individuals guilty of many different crimes.

3. Mobile Devices

mobile phone

The launch of mobile devices has completely changed the way the world communicates. The first step of moving away from telephones connected to the wall included cordless phones, then came car phones, next was basic mobile phones, and now mobile devices are ground-breaking that enable people to communicate via voice, text messaging, video messaging, email, and many other ways. One key advantage is that today’s mobile devices create an effective bridge between professional and personal lives.

4. Alternative Fuel

The consistently rising fuel prices sparked the demand to create alternative fuel sources, which has transformed the automobile industry. Now consumers have the options of hybrid and electric vehicles to save money on fuel and reduce the amount of pollution given off to the atmosphere.

5. Advances in the Entertainment Industry

There have been significant advances in the radio, television, movie, and video game industry over the past 30 years. The launch of the remote control enabled views to easily change the channels on their televisions. Satellite television and radio provided people with a variety of choices. The movie industry offers options in high definition and three-dimensions and technological advances have enabled better special effects for films. Today’s televisions include plasma, high definition, and three-dimensional options. Video game technology has changed dramatically producing realistic fantasy, sports, and war games that provide players with thrilling experiences.

These are just a few examples of the numerous technological advancements that have ultimately transformed our lives throughout the last 30 years. New and better technology is constantly emerging every day and it is interesting to think where will be in the next 30 years.

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  1. Interesting post, I still can’t believe we managed to have office businesses run with just paper, a desk phone and the odd fax. No computers, mobile phones, email or anything. Although also people smoking at their desk now seems really strange too. Thanks for the nostalgia!

  2. In 30 years , almost everything has changed relating to technology.

    And not that , Medicine ,engineering instrumentation etc… almost everything has changed.

    one thing I like about IT is that its growth is way more than other form of engineering, :D

  3. nice collection! i would mention some advances from the medical technology, too. Or maybe the kinect. and there are some new special materials, too, which are used in architecture and design. At first, all these innovations were developed by nasa.

  4. Everybody is very lucky to have this advances from technology it really do change us.

  5. A lot as changed in the way we live our lives in the past 30 years. We are more connected to each other, and the world has shrunken because of it. News and world events travel at the speed of light to the point where you know what happens on the other side of the world when it happens instead of waiting for a few hours.

    • Yeah it’s kinda scary as I always know about breaking news first from Twitter..

      About we are “connected” to each other, I do find in some ways, people tend to be more selfish and self-centered these days.. they tend to be more comfortable in writing emails, send text messages rather than meeting face to face :(

  6. I think the most influential invention is computer and internet that has really change how to get, store and share information. With this invention, new era has come..

    • Yeah, when I was first exposed to email (and the internet) back in 1996, it was quite a groundbreaking experience. It then just got better and better (though scarier in some ways)

  7. Great post! I often look back at the way we used to do things and the way things are done now and realise how big the differences really are. I’m only going back about 30 years, imagine how are grandparent feel about the differences after 70 or 80 years. Imagine what my world will be like tomorrow.

    • I think I’ll be surprised in 30 years time when I grow old (assuming I live that long) and then I’ll wish that I’m still 20 or 30 so I can have fun with the technology :(

  8. It’s amazing how easily we can access information and how little we’re interested in knowing more about humanity: history, geography, culture. People whose access to information was cut were far more interested in these.

  9. The next breakthrough has to be the Apple revolution. It is interesting how Apple has managed to sell the things that people really did not need. Who needs an Ipod when you have an Iphone with everything that an Ipod provides? But still Apple sells them and people buy them. Ipad is another revolutionary product that will soon give a run to personal computing devices.

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