This iPhone charging cable will let you know when your phone is fully charged

Belkin BOOST CHARGE Smart Cable is not just another charging cable. It uses a custom circuit board to communicate with your iPhone’s battery to display either an amber or green light while you have the cable plugged to your iPhone.

This way, there is no need for you to double tap on the iPhone screen or turn the power on to check whether your phone has finished charging. You can just have a quick glance from afar to see whether your phone has been fully charged.

When your iPhone’s battery is below 100%, the little LED will display an amber light to let you know that it’s still charging. Once it turns green, that means the device is at 100% and you can unplug the cable.

Belkin BOOST CHARGE Smart Cable is available in two different connectors:

  • USB-C to Lightning (AU$44.95)
  • USB-A to Lightning (AU$39.95)

If you have a wall or car charger, the USB-A to Lightning cable supports up to 12W charging power. Fast charge is supported for the USB-C to Lightning cable through a PD-enabled USB-C charger like the Belkin BOOST CHARGE Dual USB-C GaN Wall Charger 68W or this Zendure Passport II Pro travel adapter. That means you can fast charge your iPhone 8 or later from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes!

Thanks to the Aircraft-grade aluminium exterior housing combined with double-braided nylon cable, the charging cable is durable and should withstand daily’s wear and tear. The product is also protected by a 2-year warranty.

Which one to get – that depends on your needs and whether you already have a PD-enabled USB-C charger. If you are used to plug your charging cable to USB power boards, then the best compatible cable to get is the USB-A to Lightning for sure.

However, if you are looking for a faster charging experience, then it’s great to invest on USB-C as it is definitely the way to go. You may have to grab a PD-enabled USB-charger if you have not one yet, though.

These cables are available now and can be purchased at Big W and other major retailers in Australia. Belkin BOOST CHARGE™ Smart USB-A Cable with Lightning Connector retails for AU$39.95 and Belkin BOOST CHARGE™ Smart USB-C® Cable with Lightning Connector retails for AU$44.95.

Disclosure: Belkin BOOST CHARGE Smart LED Charging Cable review samples were supplied for reviewing

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