These Cricut’s new materials can transform colour when exposed to heat, cold, or UV lights

Cricut is a creative technology company that produces intelligent cutting machines (make sure to check our review on the Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Joy) designed to work with a user-friendly app, allowing consumers to create professional-looking customised clothing, decorations, labels and more. The newly introduced materials includes vinyl that magically changes colour in response to hot and cold temperatures, iron-on that transforms when exposed to sunlight, and labels that dissolve in water without leaving a sticky residue.

Cricut Cold-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl

When exposed to temperatures below 10ºC, the vinyl transforms into a different colour. Apply it to your favourite glass or bowl, then add a refreshing, icy beverage and watch in amazement as the colours shift before your eyes. This material is compatible with all Cricut smart cutting machines and is recommended for hand washing only.

It’s available in the following colours:

  • Light Pink > Magenta
  • Light Blue > Turquoise
  • Turquoise > Purple

Cricut Heat-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl

Similarly, the Heat-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl is designed to change colour when exposed to temperatures above 31°C. Simply apply the vinyl to your favourite mug like a coffee mug or bowl, add a hot beverage, and watch as the colours change before your eyes. This versatile material is compatible with all Cricut smart cutting machines and should be hand washed only.

It’s available in the following colours:

  • Magenta > Light Pink
  • Turquoise > Light Blue
  • Purple > Turquoise

Cricut UV-Activated, Colour-Changing Iron-On

The Cricut UV-Activated, Colour-Changing Iron-On adds an element of fun and surprise to your heat-transfer projects by transforming in sunlight. This is perfect for outdoor clothing, accessories, and everyday items. The material is compatible with all Cricut cutting machines and is best transferred using Cricut EasyPress for optimal results.

It’s available in the following colours:

  • White > Pink
  • White > Violet
  • White > Blue
  • White > Yellow

Cricut Smart Label Paper – Dissolvable

The Cricut Smart Label Paper – Dissolvable is an innovative label-making material that can be used to temporarily label leftovers, party cups, and more. It is designed to dissolve completely without leaving any sticky residue. To remove the label, simply run water over it and handwash for 30 seconds, or place the item in the dishwasher, and watch it disappear.

This label paper doesn’t require a cutting mat so you can simply write, cut, and peel. The label paper is compatible with all Cricut machines and Cricut markers. Additionally, both the label and adhesive are water-soluble and microwave and freezer safe.

Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl – New Colours

Cricut has also expanded its product line for Cricut Joy users with new colours of Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl: Gold and Silver Holographic. This versatile material allows users to easily organise their kitchen, kids’ playroom or create gift tags. Simply write, cut, peel, and stick with Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl.

You can create your own label designs in the Cricut Design Space app and load the material without a cutting mat.

Availability and Pricing

The new range of Cricut materials is now available at selected retailers from today. Customers can find the following products and recommended retail prices:

  • Cricut Cold-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl: RRP AU$24.95
  • Cricut Heat-Activated, Colour-Changing Permanent Vinyl: RRP AU$24.95
  • Cricut UV-Activated, Colour Changing Iron-On: RRP AU$24.95
  • Cricut Smart Label Paper – Dissolvable: From RRP AU$14.95

The above products can be purchased from Harvey Norman, Spotlight, Officeworks, and BIG W.

  • Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Permanent Vinyl: RRP AU$14.95 (available in Spotlight and Officeworks)

In addition, later this year, Cricut will be releasing the following materials:

  • Cricut Linerless Transfer Tape
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-On (Mint, Coral, Rose Gold)
  • Cricut Reflective Iron-On Rainbow.
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