The Witcher – Enhanced Edition


The Witcher is an RPG (Role Playing Game) released back at the end of year 2007. The Witcher is a great RPG, but it has some annoyances (slow loading times, not enough NPC models, and a few others). Despite of these annoyances, I love The Witcher (you can read my personal review on The Witcher here).

Months have passed and CD Projekt RED Studio, the developer of The Witcher, decided to create “The Witcher: Enhanced Edition”, which technically is still the same game, but better.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition provides massive updates to technical, graphics, and gameplay improvements of the original game. Some of the changes include:

  • Greatly reduced loading times (more than 80% improvement)
  • Re-done the English dialogue scripts
  • New voice overs from other languages
  • Improvement in Game Stability
  • Greater NPC variety models
  • Easier to use inventory
  • More than 200 new gesture animations
  • Many more!

If you already have the Witcher, you can get the Enhanced Edition for FREE by downloading the “patch” file (it’s about 1 GB. Yes, I told you it was a big update).


To find out more on where the patch file is and how to update your copy of the game, read the Witcher: Enhanced Edition Installation in Four Easy Steps guide here.

Since I have finished the game, I’m not sure whether I should get this update and replay the game again. I don’t normally like to replay an RPG or an adventure game (since I’ve already known the storyline), but this update seems too nice to be missed!

If you haven’t got the Witcher yet and looking for an RPG, you shouldn’t miss this chance to buy The Witcher: Enhanced Edition from the shelves!


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