Secure “plug-and-play” external hard drive

WD My Passport EliteWestern Digital My Passport Elite external hard drive provides both convenience and style for cosumers on-the-go. It features an illuminated capacity gauge (to see how much space is left on the drive) and drive lock indicator (to check whether their data is secure).

WD My Passport Elite also includes a grab-and-go USB dock so you can “plug-and-play” your external hard drive easily (extremely useful if you have to carry back and forth the drive between the office and your desktop at home).

Below is the official press release from Western Digital.

Like the previously announced My Passport™ Essential™ drives, the My Passport Elite portable drives feature automatic and continuous backup with WD SmartWare™ software and 256-bit hardware-based encryption. My Passport Elite drives are available now in 3 appealing metallic colors – Metallic Red, Metallic Blue and Charcoal Metallic – and are offered in capacities of 320 GB, 500 GB and 640 GB.

WD market research shows that consumers want a mobile storage device that allows them to not only back up and store their data, but also to keep their data safe should the drive end up in the wrong hands. The new My Passport Elite drives come with integrated WD SmartWare software which makes it easy to backup and secure your data.

When the My Passport Elite drive is plugged in for the first time, the simple and intuitive first backup process launches automatically. The real-time visual interface of WD SmartWare software gives users a reassuring view of their backup as it happens. After the first backup, users’ files are backed up automatically every time they change or add a file. WD SmartWare software creates a separate area on the drive for the backed up files, leaving a large portion of the drive free for carrying or sharing of files. The drives are thus appropriate for both backup and extra storage.

The illuminated capacity gauge on the My Passport Elite drive provides a quick read of how much capacity is available on the drive. The padlock icon indicates that the drive is password protected with 256-bit hardware-based encryption. Typically found only on much more expensive drive systems, the encryption acts as a virtual padlock to keep users’ data secure. Without the correct password, files are simply not accessible.

The unique design of the grab-and-go dock enables the user to quickly connect and disconnect their My Passport drive with one hand. The dock eliminates the need to search for an empty USB port, which can be a frustrating chore, particularly with desktop computers. The dock also provides power  to the drive via the USB port so no separate power supply is needed.

“As portable hard drives grow in capacity, consumers are now able to store their entire digital lives on them. Keeping users’ content secure as well as stylish are two aspects that make My Passport Elite drives our most personal storage devices yet,” said Dale Pistilli, vice president of marketing for WD’s branded products group. “Equipped with WD SmartWare software and hardware-based encryption, WD’s new My Passport Elite drives keep consumers’ personal content safe in one place, while the sleek design and premium finishes infuse a sense of personal style.”

My Passport Elite

Western Digital External hard drive

Designed for Windows®-based PCs, the new WD My Passport Elite drives with WD SmartWare software feature:
– Convenient, grab-and-go USB dock connection to computer;
– Premium finish in 3 colors including Anodized Red, Anodized Blue and Charcoal Metallic;
– 256-bit hardware-based encryption for peace of mind knowing that data is protected from unauthorized access;
– USB 2.0 interface that powers the drive directly from the USB port on user’s computer, no separate power supply is needed;
– Planet-friendly packaging derived from recycled materials to minimize waste;
– Ready to plug-and-play with Windows PCs, formatted NTFS; and,
– 3-year limited warranty.

Product and Pricing Summary
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Product Name: My Passport Elite 320GB, 500GB and 640GB
RRP for 320GB: AU$ 149.99, NZ $199.99
RRP for 500GB: AU$ 199.99, NZ $249.99
RRP for 640GB: AU$ 239.99, NZ $299.99
Australian Distributors: Synnex Australia
New Zealand Distributors: Ingram Micro NZ and Synnex NZ
Availability: Now

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