Western Digital Launches World’s Highest Capacity 2.5” Portable HDDs

In response to the growing demand for digital storage solutions, Western Digital has announced an expansion of its portable HDD lineup, introducing the world’s highest capacity 2.5” portable HDDs. This update includes the WD My Passport, WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive, and SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD, all now available with 6TB capacities.

6 TB in a compact form factor is pretty nifty and will work great for professionals who work in photography and videography, or even just an average user making a backup of their files.

WD My Passport

The WD My Passport hard drive line now offers up to 6TB of storage, allowing users to store and back up extensive digital collections with ease. Featuring a modern metal design and equipped with USB-C technology, the My Passport Ultra drive combines convenience and style. It also includes 256-bit AES hardware encryption to keep data secure. Available in various colours, it caters to a range of personal styles.

  • Pricing and Availability: The 6TB WD My Passport retails for A$299.00 MSRP, and the WD My Passport for Mac retails for A$309.00 MSRP. Both will be available in Australia from October 2024 at select retailers, e-tailers, and the Western Digital Store.

WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive

Designed for gamers, the WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive now offers 6TB of storage, capable of holding up to 150 games (depending on games’ size). This expanded capacity ensures gamers no longer need to compromise on which games to keep or which updates to install, providing ample space for the latest AAA titles.

  • Availability: Details on the availability of the 6TB WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive will be announced soon.

SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD

The SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD is built for durability and reliability, featuring shock resistance, IP54 rain and dust resistance, and crush resistance. With the new 6TB capacity, it offers a robust solution for photographers and videographers to back up valuable footage both in the field and in the studio.

  • Availability: Details on the availability of the 6TB SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD will be provided later.
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