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Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Screenshots and impressions


Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

I received a surprised package today from Microsoft: the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta inside a 2 GB Windows 7 USB Flash drive “wrapped”in a cool case!

It was mentioned on Microsoft Connect that we would get our hands on Office 2010 Beta some time in November 2009 (the ones that you’ve got now is called the Technical Preview – or the Pre-Beta 1).

Unfortunately I’ve got the 32-bit version where as my Technical Preview installation was the 64-bit :( I couldn’t do an upgrade so I had to uninstall the current one before installing the beta.

”Unboxing” my Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

Package for Michael Aulia Microsoft Office 2010 Beta UnboxingMicrosoft Office 2010 Beta in USB Flash Drive 2 GB Windows 7 USB Flash Drive

Installing Microsoft Office 2010 Beta

R0010710Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Microsoft Office 2010 finish installation

The installation took around 10-20 minutes on my computer (after I double click on the “ProfessionalPlus.exe” file. Not too sure what have changed apart from visual changes (didn’t get a change log) but I’d suspect bug fixes and stability. Amazingly, after the installation, I didn’t receive any notification to restart my Windows? It’s all good.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft Office Word 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft Word 2010 Beta Screenshot Options

Microsoft Word 2010 Beta Screenshot

Microsoft Word 2010 Beta Screenshot File Menu

Microsoft Word 2010 Beta Screenshot New Document

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft Excel 2010 Beta Screenshot

Microsoft Excel 2010 Beta New Spreadsheet

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Beta Slide Sorter Screenshots

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Beta New Email Screenshot

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Beta Screenshots

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Activation required error

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Impressions

Microsoft Office 2010 logo I haven’t played around too much yet as I was getting so excited in posting the Office 2010 screenshots here (I got the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta version) The overall presentation is actually better; the colours are more soothing and the fonts look smoother somehow. Interface is not everything but if you have to waste hours in front of it, why not make it better?

The Send-a-Smile is still there too if you love giving feedback to Microsoft about the product.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Send a Smile

The icons are new and looks more professional.
Left: Office 2010 Technical Preview, Right: Office 2010 Beta

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta icons

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Shortcut Icons

PS: Sorry to ommit the OneNote, Access, and the other products’ screenshots but they are in the Office 2010 Beta suite :)


  1. Have you seen the social integration already somewhat in Outlook 2010? I noticed in a leaked build from a couple of weeks ago that they are planning hover status info from social networks. Right now it only has Sharepoint status as a provider, but I’m sure Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc will be coming soon too.

  2. Interesting to note that Excel has stolen some of that look and functionality (in Personal Monthly Budget pictured above) directly from Apple’s Numbers application in their iWork ’09 suite for the Mac.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am still forced to use M$ Office on the Mac (curiously the only set of products that crash routinely on the Mac – a poignant and regular reminder of my old Windows days)…

    Shame to see they didn’t steal any of the Mac’s simplicity in GUI design though. Those toolbars look awful!

    • What the heck are you even referring to? What exactly did Microsoft “steal”? If you’re referring to the template for a personal monthly budget…um …it’s a just a generic template.

      By the way, people judge other people who still use the horribly outdated “M$” acronym.

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