Second Generation of Arlo Essential Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Exploring The 2nd Generation of Arlo Essential Indoor and Outdoor Cameras for Home Security

If you’re in the market for reliable and affordable indoor/outdoor security cameras from a well-established brand, the Arlo Essential cameras are worth considering. Having started using Arlo security cameras about seven years ago, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the technology. The older devices have reached their end of life, leading me to try the latest 2nd generation Arlo Essential Indoor Camera and Arlo Essential Outdoor Camera to explore the improvements they have made over the years.

Arlo Essential Indoor & Outdoor Cameras 2nd Gen Review – Unboxing Videos

Inside the 2nd Generation Arlo Essential Indoor Camera box, you’ll find the camera with non-detachable USB-C connection cable, an in-built stand, as well as a wall mount, screw kit, and a power adapter. The cable is approximately two meters long, which may or may not be of sufficient length depending on how you would like it configured within your home.

Inside the 2nd Arlo Essential Outdoor Camera package, you’ll find the camera which runs on integrated, non-replaceable battery that is rechargeable via the USB-C plug located at the bottom of the camera. The indoor USB-A to USB-C charging cable is included in the box, although you would have to supply your own power adaptor.

The package is equipped with essential items for wall mounting, including a wall mount, wall plate, and screw kit. The wall mount seamlessly attaches to the back of the camera. Therefore, if, like me, you prefer positioning the camera upright, the wall mount may become less practical for your specific setup.

Arlo Essential Indoor & Outdoor Cameras 2nd Gen Review – First Impression

Establishing a connection between the camera and the Arlo Secure app was a relatively straightforward process. However, since my previous setup dated back almost 8 years, it required a software upgrading process.

If you already have an existing Arlo camera setup, anticipate the need for adjustments to your configuration during the upgrade, as it might potentially alter your custom rules and schedules. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of these potential changes and ensure you are prepared for any modifications to your existing setup.

The upgrade process is remarkably intuitive, and the Arlo Secure app introduces enhanced features, particularly in supporting multiple devices in geofencing. This advancement enables a more personalized rule setup, granting users greater flexibility and control over their security settings.

Arlo Essential Indoor & Outdoor Cameras 2nd Gen Review – Subscription

Both the 2nd Generation Essential Indoor and Outdoor Cameras come with a one-month free Arlo Secure subscription. Without a subscription, you do not have access to recordings. Notifications won’t lead you to the videos revealing what triggered them, leaving you to access the camera live and hope to decipher the events that occurred.

Key features of the Arlo Secure subscription include cloud video storage for your recordings, notification with optional smart activity zones and object detection with AI, smart object detection for filtering alerts, and animated previews for quick review of triggered alerts.

Additionally, as the 2nd Generation Essential Indoor Camera is a corded device, users have the option to upgrade to a CVR (Continuous Video Recording) plan, allowing for continuous 24/7 video recording.

Arlo Essential Indoor & Outdoor Cameras 2nd Gen Review – Test Drive & Monitoring

A standout feature of both the 2nd Generation Essential Indoor and Outdoor Cameras is their 2K resolution, offering enhanced clarity when zooming in. The two-way audio feature enables clear communication with visitors, while the upgraded night vision capabilities ensure detailed visibility even in low-light conditions.

A noteworthy addition to the 2nd Generation Essential Indoor Camera is the shield feature, reminiscent of an eye-lid closing, created for moments when you want to ensure your visual privacy.

Both cameras offer an impressive intercom-like function, enabling seamless two-way communication. This feature allows users not only to hear what is happening in the monitored area but also to speak directly through the camera. Additionally, these cameras come equipped with a siren-triggering capability, providing an added layer of security in escalated situations. This function allows users to remotely activate a siren (with a volume that you can customise), serving as a powerful deterrent and drawing attention to potential security threats.

During the test drive, it was observed that the colour night vision doesn’t consistently function, especially in situations where the environment is too dark.

Regarding Arlo Secure, the response is very notable; I received notifications within two seconds of a significant event, such as thunder striking.

Nevertheless, there are still occasional issues with the system. The geofencing mode, responsible for detecting my arrival home, may intermittently fail, leading to a failure to switch the cameras to Standby mode (although the performance has notably improved compared to my previous Arlo setup). Additionally, the object detection with AI exhibits room for improvement. There are instances where tree motion might be mistakenly identified as animals, and at times, people may not be detected, highlighting opportunities for enhancements in this aspect.

Arlo Essential Indoor & Outdoor Cameras 2nd Gen Review – Final Words

Arlo Essential Outdoor Camera-1

In conclusion, the 2nd Generation Essential Indoor and Outdoor Cameras from Arlo bring a host of advancements to the realm of home security. With their remarkable 2K resolution, two-way audio capabilities, and upgraded night vision features, these cameras provide users with enhanced clarity and communication tools. The integration of geofencing and the privacy-centric shield feature in the indoor model showcase Arlo’s commitment to user-friendly customisation.

Moreover, the subscription-based Arlo Secure service opens up a plethora of features, including cloud video recording, customised smart activity zones, and interactive notifications. While occasional glitches persist in the geofencing mode and object detection, the overall performance of the system exemplifies a robust solution for users seeking advanced home security with a focus on customisation and control.

Note: Arlo Essential Indoor Camera 2nd Gen review sample was supplied for reviewing

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