How Technology Is Redefining Location Tracking

Note: This is a guest post written by Royce Zamora – It’s quite crazy how easy it is for devices to track out location. You don’t always even need a professional location number tracker. Our smartphones, fitness wearables, home appliances – pretty much everything is keeping tabs on our physical location 24/7. However, there is a good side of this coin. This incredible evolution has opened up new possibilities for businesses and private users. In this blog post, we will explore how technology is rapidly redefining location tracking and areas in which it can be applied. 

Location Tracking Tools Used Today

These days, our location feels impossible to hide thanks to all the apps and websites that gather GPS details. But let’s put ads and weather websites aside! There are actually specialized tools designed to locate a phone number. Below, we will go through the most popular types of phone number trackers and explain how they pull geographic data without you suspecting anything. 

Phone Number Location Tracking Websites

The first beast on our list is an online location tracker by phone number. These tools allow you to input a phone number and identify the exact location and some extra details. 

Online trackers work by collecting signals from different sources – GPS, WiFi networks, and cell towers. Basically, you enter the number on the tracker site, and it’ll produce templates of enticing text messages to choose from. Your only task is to share that message with the target person. Once they open the SMS and tap on the link, location permission will be automatically granted.

Some trackers, like will even show you whether the person is using VPN to hide their current location. Moreover, advanced options allow performing a free carrier lookup and recognizing whether the device is active. Try this phone number tracker free of charge, and you will be surprised at how much you can find out about your family or kid. It ensures anonymity and allows location tracking around the globe. Start off with a $1 trial to test the waters or sign up for a 1-month subscription at $39.99.

Downloadable Location Tracker Apps

In addition to websites, there are many downloadable monitoring and parental control applications available on app stores. Some reliable options include uMobix, Cocospy, and Hoverwatch. Similarly to location trackers by phone number, these tools detect a device’s coordinates by scanning GPS and WiFi. The only difference is that you need to install the app on a target device, which can be quite challenging for novices. 

In turn, tracking apps reward users with unlimited remote access to a target device. Most parental control apps are compatible with Android devices and iPhones. But it’s always a great idea to check their compatibility before the installation. As a rule, good monitoring apps function quietly in the background and have the application icon disguised.

Generally, monitoring applications come with a number of useful features:

  • Real-time GPS
  • Location history 
  • Geofencing alerts 
  • Connected WiFi and more 

Besides location tracking, monitoring apps log phone calls, track social media usage, take screenshots, show website history, and even record the surrounding sound. This is a solid option for parents who want to make sure their children are protected from danger.

In-Built Location Trackers

Did you know that most modern smartphones come with a pre-installed manufacturer cell phone number location tracker? Such applications as Apple’s Find My iPhone and Google’s Find My Device utilize location services to show lost or stolen devices on the map. Samsung also designed a Find My Mobile feature for its Galaxy devices. 

In-built phone location trackers are especially useful when you are trying to restore a missing phone. If the GPS is on, a manufacturer application will identify the coordinates of a stolen device. Moreover, you will be able to make the phone ring loudly if it’s nearby or remotely lock it and delete all the files stored on it. 

Who Can Benefit from Location Tracking? 

Location tracking technology offers multiple benefits for different groups of people when used responsibly: 

  • Parents keeping tabs on kids and making sure they arrive at a designated place
  • Family members coordinating meetups and sharing real-time locations
  • Employers optimizing workflows and managing remote workers
  • Individuals trying to locate a misplaced device

Clearly, many people go hand in hand with technology and use GPS monitoring in both personal and professional contexts. It’s a wonderful way to check on our dear ones and make sure they are safe and sound. 

The Future of Location Tracking

Obviously, the industry of location tracking is set to see some exciting developments. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more precise cell phone number location trackers in the near future. Our best guess is that future trackers will rely on IoT devices and the 5G network, offering more accurate reports. Just imagine, in a few years, you will be able to track a phone’s exact location without any flaws. 

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