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Recover deleted files from an emptied Mac trash bin

EaseUS Data Recovery WizardNote: This is a guest post from EaseUS

The most common ways in which data gets lost include:

  • Failure: 21% of data gets lost through the failure of the hard drive, crushing of the system, software corruption, loss of unsaved data or corruption of the files as a result of a power outage, and corruption of the file system or database.
  • Intentional action: 32% of data is lost through intentional formatting of the hard drive and deleting of files and partitions.
  • Unintentional action: 44 % of total data loss is usually lost through accidental actions such as; hacking of the system, attack by computer viruses, deleting of files and partitions by mistake and misplacement of CDs and memory sticks.
  • Disaster: 3% of data is lost through earthquakes, floods, tornado, fire and other disasters.

50% of the data lost, is after the hard drive dies within five years. 36% is usually customer information and financial data, 15% is lost annually through household theft, 72% is primary business data lost, which leads to closure within 24 hours and 46% of users lose data every ten years.

How vulnerable

However, it is easy to recover the data using the EaseUS data recovery wizard for Mac free. The Mac trash recovery software is the best software to recover deleted files from a Mac.

Here are some of the reasons you should use the EaseUS Mac trash recovery software to recover your deleted files from a Ma;

  1. It is easy and safe to use

The Mac trash recovery software is 100% safe to use as you recover deleted files Mac.  It has a user-friendly interface, which has three simple steps to follow.

The instructions are clear and brief to follow, and you do not require prior experience to recover deleted files mac. EaseUS Mac trash recovery software cannot overwrite your data or cause any damage to your device. You only need to launch the Mac trash recovery program, scan your device, preview your files and recover deleted files from your Mac.

  1. Ability to preview your data before recovery

For precise search results, you can specify your files before scanning. Besides, the Mac trash recovery software enables you to filter your search files by date, name, and type, hence saving time as you find the file quickly.

You can then preview the files as you check their details before deciding to recover them.

  1. Data recovery features are powerful

Mac Deep Recovery

The EaseUS Mac trash recovery software has two advanced scanning modes. These are the quick scan and the deep scan.  The quick scan helps you find and recover deleted files Mac, while the deep scan enables you to find formatted, inaccessible and lost data.

Also, you can pause the scanning, to continue later, or even the save the results for further recovery without another scanning process.

  1. Enables lost, deleted and formatted data to be retrieved

EaseUS Mac trash recovery software allows you to solve all your data loss problems. You can recover deleted files mac from the hard drive, memory card, digital camera, external hard drive, mobile phone and other storage devices as a result of formatting, deleting, damage of the hardware, loss of partitions, and attack by virus, software crush, and others.

Note: This is a guest post written by EaseUS

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