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Pre-Order Windows 8 starts now

Windows 8 Pro

Starting as of today, you can pre-order Windows 8 ahead before its launch day at the end of this month, according to a blog post over at windowsteamblog.com. The pre-order is priced at $69.99 for the DVD version of Windows 8 Pro upgrade. There are 5 different packaging in total featuring paper-based material to be mother-earth friendly.

Or alternatively, if you don’t need to get a DVD, you can pay just $40 instead to upgrade your Windows system online through the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant later on October 26th (Windows 8 official release date).

I’m definitely upgrading my Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8. I did have a few complaints about the interface usability but after forcing myself to use the Windows 8 trial for a week, I’ve fallen in love with it. Everything feels much faster and snappier compared to Windows 7. You can always put yourself in the desktop mode (like I normally do) to get a “Windows 7 feel” but with the Windows 8 “engine”.

The full version seems to be more expensive (though not as much as the previous Windows). More can be read over at Neowin.net

However, having a DVD version sounds great too for reformatting purposes.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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