Opera prepares for the final release with Opera 10 RC

Opera 10 Release Candidate

Opera is preparing for the final launch of its latest browser, Opera 10, by releasing the Release Candidate (it can be the final version if there are no show stopping bugs). I know a friend who is still using Opera 7.5 and I urge him (and you, if you are using Opera as your primary browser) to upgrade to Opera 10. It’s much faster and has lots of new features that simply can’t be compared with the older versions. Not to worry, upon installation, it will ask whether you want to upgrade your current Opera version so you won’t lose your bookmarks and everything!

I’ll talk more about Opera 10 after the final release. The final release is aimed on the 1st of September 2009 but if you just can’t wait for it, grab Opera 10 RC now.

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