Opera 10 Alpha 1 for Windows

OperaIf you are using Opera as your browser, then you’ll probably intersted to try Opera 10 (still in Alpha).

It gives a boost of performance increase, a perfect score for ACID 3 test (What is ACID 3?), Opera Mail improvements, and many more.

Opera 10 changes since 9.62 release:


Opera 10.0 includes the Presto 2.2 rendering engine. Detailed changes since Presto 2.1.1 are listed below:


  • Significant performance improvements
  • Added Web font support, allowing the download of fonts specified in font descriptors in @font-face at-rules; TrueType (TTF), OpenType (OTF), and SVG fonts are supported (demos)
  • Achieved 100/100 and pixel-perfect rendering on the Acid3 test
  • Pretty-printing of unstyled XML (using unstyledxml.css in the Styles sub-directory of Opera’s installation directory)
  • Added support for CSS3 RGBA color values (demo)
  • Added support for CSS3 HSLA color values (demo)
  • Added support for the CSS3 color: transparent value
  • Improved HTML5 support, including end-tag and start-tag parsing, whitespace parsing, and DOCTYPE parsing
  • CSS files must be served with the correct MIME type (“text/css”) in Strict mode or they will be ignored


  • New regular expression engine, which greatly improves performance on regular-expression-heavy pages such as the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark
  • Added support for the W3C Selectors API
  • Renamed the objects returned by getClientRects() and getBoundingClientRect() to ClientRectList and ClientRect instead of TextRectangle and TextRectangleList, respectively
  • XMLHttpRequests will now trigger start-loading/end-loading events
  • Removed the proprietary window.setDocument method
  • Added support for the SVGElement.currentFps and SVGElement.targetFps properties to read and control, respectively, SVG frames per second
  • The load event for scripts is now sent after the script is executed rather than before
  • The load event is now sent to frame/iframe/object elements before it is sent to the document
  • A highlight will no longer be added when HTMLElement.focus() is called unless keyboard navigation is already activated

Read Opera 10 full changelog since the official release of 9.62, here.

To download Opera 10 Alpha 1, check out the official release page on the Opera Desktop Team blog.

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