No Windows Mobile 7 for HTC HD2

HTC HD2Have you been following news on the upcoming Microsoft operating system for Windows Mobile, the Windows Phone 7? Owners of the current popular HTC HD2 have been hoping that somehow their phones can be fully upgraded to Windows Phone 7.

Apparently, according to a post by the guys over at Engadget, it’s been confirmed by Microsoft that the HTC HD2 will not be upgradeable (at least officially) to Windows Phone 7. The reason is because the HTC HD2 is not compliant with the Windows 7 Phone series specifications.

That’s what they all say but wait til those ROM Chefs over at XDA developers forum have a hand on the operating system. Who knows :) I can even install the Android Operating System on my HTC Touch Pro 2 if I want to, thanks to those brilliant guys. I might even have the chance of installing Windows 7 Phone on my Touch Pro 2. At this stage though, I’m not too excited over it, especially looking at the interface. It’s just not my cup of tea. Hope it’ll be improved before it goes final.

Now with all these Google Nexus One, iPhones, BlackBerrys, and HTC phones around, I’m a bit worried with the other vendors. I’ve been a fan of Nokia phones in the past before all these hi-tech gadgets came along. Hope Nokia can make a new break through one day.

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