Apple Fires More Than 600 Employees Following Project Car Project Cancellation

Apple has made public its intention to lay off more than 600 employees in California, based on documents submitted to the State’s Employment Development Department. It is in response to several speculations during the prior instances concerning the destiny of both the car project and the internal microLED display operation.

Apple Announces Layoffs of Over 600 Employees in California

The coming layoffs, scheduled by California law to be announced 60 days in advance, are expected to affect people working especially in Santa Clara, not far from Apple’s offices in Cupertino. These were envisioned to be key steps in the process of building the long-awaited Apple Car.

It follows Apple’s halting of its “Project Titan” which was officially announced in March 2024. At this time, the firm notified roughly 2,000 staff members who embarked on the project with it, about the closure of the project. Not everyone was gifted with an opportunity to get into roles under John Giannandrea’s artificial intelligence division or other relevant areas instead, a 90-day window was given to them to apply for the available vacancies in the organization. However, the skill set that might have been developed and mastered for the automotive project is not the same as required for other existing projects.

Alongside this, it has been claimed that these layoffs are, at least in part, associated with Apple’s decision to decline the future development of custom microLED displays. Apple has kept mum on details like the exact numbers of those laid off or the implicated departments and has stayed away from being specific in the official commentary on the matter.

This evolution exemplifies the influential and dynamic character of the technology giant, which can be regarded as a strategic shift or adjustment in a way to adapt to changing market environments and organizational priorities. Based on the history of this industry, it is expected that the movement in the company’s strategic allocation of resources and direction will be seen in the future.

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